Direct Sales Tips – Ordering Room Success

Your Direct Sales Party Presentation is over – now what do you do? Having a separate place to take orders will help you increase sales, book more parties and even grow your team! Check out this complete training for Ordering Room Success!

direct sales tips - ordering room success

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When The Party Is Over

As soon as your direct sales party presentation is over, you want to get your guests started on a Time Consuming Game to give you just a few minutes to pack up your demo kit before heading to the ordering room.

Be sure to leave out Recruiting Materials – like your Brag Book – on your demo table for guests to peruse while they wait to order.

Then ask your Host to walk you to the ordering room so you have just a minute alone with her to reiterate needing her help getting her guests in and out of the order room in a timely manner.

Why Have A Separate Room?

A separate Ordering Room gives you an opportunity to get one on one with your customers to start building a relationship – a key part of long term business success.

With an ordering room you can answer questions, talk about host benefits, the opportunity, as well as upsell without any outside interruptions.

What To Take Into The Ordering Room

Since your demo kit is packed up, you can take that into your ordering room in case anyone has a specific question about a product – you can easily put your hands on it.

Also make sure to take:

When The Guests Arrive

Watch the complete Ordering Room Success Training Video to learn how to handle each guest to increase your sales, book parties, and even add members to your team!

After The Party Follow Up

If you deliver your products after the party – this is a great postcard to use to identify whose-bag-is-whose, but also to encourage the customer to host her own party!

You can also leave the “This Bag Belongs To” off the top of the card to use just as a follow-up postcard, thanking your customer again for her order!

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