Ice Breaker Direct Sales Party Games

The purpose of an Ice Breaker Game is to do just that – break the “ice” or tension in the room and get your Party started on the right foot.

These fun direct sales party games should make your guests laugh, setting the tone for a fun, relaxed party.

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An Ice Breaker Game should be the very first thing you do when you gather your guests into the room – before you hand out order forms, pens, etc. It is truly the “Opening Act” of your Party.

Just A Phone Call Away

At the beginning of your party ask everyone to take out their cell phones and hold them in their hand. You will have yours in your hand as well. Tell them this is the easiest game to win all night!

Ask everyone to dial in your number – call it out number by number – and then when you say GO – everyone hits call.

Obviously, your phone will ring since they are all calling you – simply answer the phone to find the “winner” on the line. Give her a little goodie for having the “fastest fingers in the room.”

THEN – while everyone still has their phone out, ask them to SAVE YOUR NUMBER with your first name and company – i.e. Lynsey Party Plan Divas

Tell them that they have your number forever now, and if they ever need anything, you are JUST A CALL AWAY – ask them to please put their phones on vibrate or silent to not disrupt the party, and then begin with your Party Presentation.

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Intro Game

Have everyone introduce themselves and say something that starts with the first letter of their first name.

You can choose to do a theme to go along with your party – so for instance, if you are doing a chocolate party they will say their name and the name of a chocolate candy that starts with the first letter of their first name. An example may be “My name is Misty and I love Milky Way.”

A fun Bridal Shower one may be their your name, then a honeymoon location and a mode of transportation that start with the first letter of your first name… Like my name is Misty and I’m going to Mexico on a moped… (you could do this one for a summer vacation at summer parties too!)

You can also do this at team meetings. Have people say their name and an adjective that describes them that starts with their first initial… I’m Misty & I’m Motivated!

You can change this up for any party theme, be creative. It’s a fun and easy ice breaker game for parties, team meetings & events.

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Want Ad

Have guests pick something in their house that they would like to sell and write a want ad for it. When everybody has finished writing, ask each guest to read what she has written, but to substitute her husband or boyfriends name for it instead.

Or, have them list a piece of furniture. Then, have them list five reasons why they like and dislike the item.

After everyone is done writing, say, “the household item that you have written down, I want you to cross it out and replace it with your husband or boyfriend’s name.”

When they say the sentence they must say: I want to replace (name of husband/boyfriend) because he is………………….. and list their reasons. It’s a fun game and everyone loves it. The one that has the most outlandish answers wins.

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Have You Ever

This direct sales game is sure to get your guest laughing! Give your guests an index card and have them keep score. The most points will win.

Have you ever:

  • Locked yourself out of the house (20 points)
  • Lost any of your family while shopping (15 points)
  • Put something in the refrigerator that doesn’t belong there (30 points)
  • Turned white clothes a different color in the wash (35 points)
  • Needed to lay on the floor to zip up your jeans (45 points)
  • Gone away and realized that you left the iron or coffee pot on, so you come all the way home, and find it was really off (50 points)
  • Had a zipper or strap break when you were out somewhere (15 points)
  • Put on a pair of stocking with a run in them and pretended it just happened (10 points)
  • Put on two different socks or shoes and not realized it until you were out (75 points)
  • Taken a bath and left the towels in the closet (20 points)
  • Called someone on the phone and forgot who you were calling (40 points)
  • Called any member of your family by another name (20 points)
  • Put your heel though the hem of a dress (20 points)
  • Remembered an appointment after it was too late (15 points)
  • Been ready to bathe and found no hot water (25 points)
  • Fallen up the stairs (35 points)
  • Gone shopping and discovered you didn’t bring any money with you (50 points)
  • Drive away from somewhere while a member of your party wasn’t in the car (35 points)
  • Locked your keys in the car (10 points)
  • Got into the car to go somewhere and forgot where you were going (20 points)
  • Put something in the oven to bake and forgot about it (35 points)
  • Woke up in the morning and didn’t know where you were (40 points)

All That Glitters

Fun hostess party games and ice breaker party games: For each piece of jewelry worn by your guests, score as follows. The first guest to reach 30 points, or the guest with the highest score, wins.

  • Bracelet 5 points
  • Pendant 10 points
  • Earrings 5 points
  • Necklace 10 points
  • Pin 20 points
  • Ring 5 points
  • Watch 5 points
  • Ankle Bracelet 10 points

This is a great game to play if you are part of a jewelry direct sales company. If that is the case, offer double or triple points if a piece worn is part of your line.

Do You Know Your Neighbor?

Have each guest introduce themselves to someone they do not know, or do not know well. At the very least, make sure you do not pair up family members. If there is an uneven number of guests, use your hostess as well.

After giving them a few moments to get to know one another, (encourage them to ask each other questions) have each pair stand back-to-back, facing away from one other.

Hand each guest an index card and ask the following questions. After all questions have been asked, have them return to their seats and mark their answers right or wrong. Most correct answers wins.

  • What color hair does she have?
  • How many rings does she have on?
  • What color clothing is she wearing?
  • How many children does she have?
  • Is she wearing a pantyhose?
  • How old is she?
  • Is she wearing shoes or sandals?
  • Does she have on earrings?
  • Is she wearing buttons?
  • Is she wearing a watch?
  • Does she have nail polish on?
  • Does she have a necklace on?
  • What type of television show does she like?
  • What color are her eyes?
  • What is her husband’s name?

What’s In A Name

This is one of the great ice breaker party games. Use it for your guests to get acquainted and to become relaxed. Each guest says her name and then makes a sentence using every letter in her name. Lots of laughs and complete and utter nonsense.


  • Cathy = Cathy Asked To Heat Yams
  • Marie = Marie Answered Rachel In Earrings

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Here’s a really good game for women! Read the poem and the guest with the most points wins!

This is a most unusual game. It really doesn’t have a name. It’s as simple as a game can be. Just listen and add your total and you will see.

You’re fashionable and you live in a whirl, Give yourself 10 points if you’re wearing a pearl. Give yourself 10 if your toes are peeking out, And earrings will give you another 10 to count.

Add 10 points if you’re wearing red, And another 10 if there’s gray on your head.

Now count those buttons, for each you get 3, And another 10 if you’re showing your knee.

Oh Boy! Now for the big Hooray! 15 points if you kissed a man today!

So you think you are going to win? Take away 3 for that safety pin. If you cooked a mean and hot heated soup, You earn 10 points and a merry WHOOP! Attended church on Sunday…Gee that’s fine! Give yourself another 9.

This game has ended, now wasn’t that fun? Add up your score and see who won!

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Thread Introductions

This is a great way for your guests to introduce themselves to the others. Once you have begun your party, tell everybody that you are going to pass around a spool of thread and that they are to take a piece “as long as they think they will need”.

Of course, they might think well whoever comes closest to going around their waist etc. Or if they see their closest neighbor sitting to them takes a really short piece, they will take a really long piece.

After everybody has taken their thread, you tear off a piece and wrap it once around your finger and hold telling them they have to do the same and they have to talk about themselves for as long as it takes to wind the rest of the thread around their finger.

Start by telling them about yourself and your business (so take a longer piece) It can get wild if somebody has taken yards of thread!

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