Candle Party Games – The Blind “Sniff” Test

Yesterday while I was spending the day with my best friend Trisha we stumbled upon what I think would be a really fun game to play at your next home candle party.

Trisha has recently signed up with a candle company and she received a box full of the little “testers” to show at her parties.

We both began sniffing and letting each other sniff and saying “oh gosh that’s *whatever*” – and it reminded me of Gordon Ramsey’s Blind Taste Test that he does every season on Hell’s Kitchen.

We decided to jump on camera to play live – and ended up with a really fun game that only takes a few minutes, gets a LOT of laughs, shows off the quality of your scents, and sets the tone for a fun party. Check out what happened.


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Candle Party Games

You could play this game in so many ways:

  • Test the hostess on her sniffy knowledge
  • Let people volunteer and sit back to back in a heads up competition
  • Give everyone a numbered scent tester and see if they can guess what they have
  • Put testers in a basket and see who can guess the most scents correctly in 30 seconds

Playing games at your parties that get people laughing and having fun from the very beginning – while showing off how awesome your products are – is a great way to kick off a great home candle party. Check out other home party game ideas by joining us at!

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