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Developing Your “I” story is a very easy, fun, yet very IMPORTANT part of your Party Presentation. The “I” story is a crucial part of your presentation.

It allows your guests to learn a little bit about you, shows the ease of success, and is a very important part of recruiting!

Here are some tips to keep in mind while you are developing your personal “I” story.

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Be relatable – since parties are a great place for recruiting, you should be relatable to your audience. You never know who might be sitting thinking to herself “wow, if she can do this, so can I..”

Gain trust – in our industry, people are a little apprehensive about our parties, and our consultants.

With your “I” story you are going to tell a little about yourself, which is going to gain the trust of your customers.

Don’t Just Stick On One Feature Of The Business Opportunity – your innate desire to “stay home with the kids” may not appeal to the single college student struggling to pay her tuition.

Make sure to touch on the key aspects of income potential, time out of the house, the friendships, the feeling of helping other women, etc.

Be sure to include what made your company special What makes your company stand out from the other direct sales companies?

Never bad mouth another company – simply highlight the things that your company offers that you can not get anywhere else.

Add some humor! Since the “I” story should be in the beginning of your presentation, this is a fantastic opportunity to get the whole party relaxed.

To get them laughing before you ever pick up the first product really sets the tone for how the whole party will go.

Make it flow into your presentation – like you are telling a story. As we know, being duplicable is KEY in recruiting from parties.

Every woman can tell a good story, or recount the way something happened EXACTLY This is just the same.

KISS IT – Keep It Short and Sweet! The “I” Story should only last 2-3 minutes. You don‟t want to bore them right off the bat, you just want to give them enough info about you and your success with the business for them to want more!

PRACTICE IT – Many new consultants, and even some seasoned ones get butterflies before a party.

Begin your direct sales party presentation with your I Story so that by the time you are finished the party jitters have subsided.

What if you are not a huge success yet? First – realize this RIGHT NOW – if you are a Party Plan Consultant – you are already successful. Even if this is your very first party.

You are successful because you were smart enough and bright enough to see the opportunity before you, and you grabbed it! You are already a success!

What “clicked” in you about this business? Share what made you decide this was the business for you.

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