How To Market Your Jewelry Direct Sales Business

Gardening is the term we use at Party Plan Divas to describe Marketing – basically “planting seeds” of success through handing out business cards, brochures, etc.

Adding a little “gift” – samples, candies, embellishments, etc – is a great way to give your information a lasting impression, adding some personality and pizzazz to a normal business card.

How To Market Your Jewelry Direct Sales Business

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At least once a week I get an email asking for ideas for how Jewelry Consultants can create inexpensive Gardening Gifts since they obviously can not “sample” their jewelry.

This week while shopping for a fun craft activity at Hobby Lobby with Littlest Diva I discovered “diamond confetti” – the perfect embellishment for all Jewelry Divas. ┬áCheck it out –

What are other ideas you can think of for Jewelry style Gardening Gifts?

How To Market Your Jewelry Direct Sales Business
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  1. I am going to attact organza bags to Hi Introduction (our company is new) pique cards I made. Thank you for the newsletters I receive they wil help alot on my new venture. I am looking forward to more on jewelry.

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