Direct Sales Recruiting Tool – The Brag Book

A very powerful Recruiting Tool is your own personal Brag Book. This does not need to be elaborate – a simple 3 ring binder will do. Your Brag Book will tell a story about how ‘Becoming A Consultant Can Change Your Life!’

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In this Brag Book you should include:

Your Monthly Bonus checks – I have my first one, and then one from exactly one year later – it is over seven times larger than the first one!

Any recognition you have received – From the company, from your sponsor, from ANYONE who has given you a pat on the back! Any awards you have won.

Pictures of any events you have been involved in – Expos, Convention, Regional Trainings, etc. I have my bus pass from my very first Convention in Las Vegas!

Team pictures – We carry our smartphones everywhere, right? Next time you meet with your team, having someone capture a shot! Then you can use something like this to print it right on the spot!

Who you work for – Nope, not your sponsor – Your FAMILY! Share pictures of any trips you have taken thanks to your business, or simply just spending time with the ones you love – being your own boss is GREAT! I even have a picture of my Chihuahua!

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The Recruiting Brag Book can be left out while you are taking orders so everyone can flip through.

It is also a great way to keep you motivated – even when you get down, flipping through your Brag Book can remind you why you do this business, and how lucky we all really are to have this gift!!!

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