Party Plan Tools – Easy Scratch Off Stickers

Party Plan Tools – Scratch Off Stickers

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One of my favorite business building tools costs literally pennies and can add hundreds or even thousands to your monthly retail volume, fill your calendar or even build your Diva Empire.

What little tool is this powerful?  Scratch Off Stickers

The ones I use most are the 1-inch silver stickers.

Create a new VIP Program, Referral Program, or simply increase your Sales, Bookings, and Recruiting with the help of

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9 thoughts on “Party Plan Tools – Easy Scratch Off Stickers”

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  2. Ivette Muller

    I love this idea! They have a great sale on a roll of them, but I have no idea what I would do with 2500! Will have to try the sampler pack first 🙂

  3. You could bulk order for a team, and split the cost. I cant imagine one person needing 2,500! LOL

  4. Hey Lynsey, loves

    We have used Easy Scratch Off stickers in the past for our custom designed scratchers for parties. As “the original” designer for party-themed fun, PartyScratchers™ set the trend since 2000 and a few years back we were excited to have found Terra’s site through an interesting situation. We typically go into mass production serving retail, etail and consumer alike worldwide.

    Terra’s stickers make it easy for DIYers!

    Lynsey, I like how you tied it into VistaPrint’s site. There are many choices online for classy to easy to simple. Whatever the choice, in today’s online world, we all have so much to gain and give, share and have fun!

  5. This is a great idea – just not sure how it would work for me –

    I can not give ” _ % off ” –

    I guess I am not very creative lately – I will have to watch this again later!

  6. So cool! I am thinking of ordering some to add to my thank you for hosting cards & the prize being a certain $ off on a future order. Or maybe doing a Thanksgiving card & offering something for Holiday shopping or for booking.

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