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HootSuite for Direct Sales

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HootSuite for Direct Sales

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It is a no brainer that Social Media is the #1 thing that you can do to really increase your business.  But how do you keep it all organized?  Tweets, Status updates, Direct Messages, Replies… bouncing from Twitter to Facebook to WordPress to LinkdIn… how are you supposed to keep up?  With a little help… from a Hoot Owl:

Check out www.HootSuite.com and start managing all of your Social Media outreach in one place!

HootSuite for Direct Sales
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5 thoughts on “HootSuite – Social Media Party Plan Solution”

  1. Earth Erotics Diva

    the music in your video is the same music that was used in my skydiving video haha!

  2. I love HootSuite!

    I only discovered it a few months ago, but it certainly makes life so much easier. Thank you for sharing another great video vlog xxx

  3. This is SO EXCITING Lynsey!!! I JUST joined Home Party Divas and am SO inexperienced that I haven’t even created a ‘group’ on FaceBook yet!! LOL I get so bogged down about the RULES and what we’re allowed to post, etc. that it cripples me:(
    Hootsuite.com sounds like it’s something that will keep my head above water, so to speak, with all my social networking and promoting my business professionally:) AND…it just so happens that I already had plans to get my FIRST iPad THIS WEEKEND! PERFECT Timing, right?!
    Thank you so much for sharing this site…I can hardly WAIT to use it!

  4. Hey Peggy! That’s awesome! I LOVE HootSuite (AND my iPad!!) Make sure you start a Facebook PAGE – not a group. I have a complete “how to” on the site and on the Message Boards. Let me know if you have trouble finding it 🙂 Oh – and I HIGHLY recommend getting one of the iPad cases with a Bluetooth keyboard – it turns your computer into a laptop practically. I took mine to Spark & Hustle and everyone LOVED it. You canget them from Brookstone, or they occasionally come up on the 1saleaday.com site! 🙂

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