Pre-Party Game – Party Squares

Hey Divas!  One of your Sister Divas emailed this morning asking for further explanation of the Party Squares game!   This is one of those things that is SO much easier to explain by talking than writing, so I did a video.  Hopefully I answered all of your questions!  If not, leave your comments below, and I will getcha answered asap! 🙂

Download Party Squares worksheet here.

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16 thoughts on “Pre-Party Game – Party Squares”

  1. Natalie Collinson

    Hey Lynsey – I LOVE party squares and do it at every party!

    Such great fun, easy to do and the perfect way to finish a party on a high!

  2. great video! I love when you make them.
    I never thought of the EXTRA incentive for bridal showers. Good tip!
    What I do for my peices, it I bought Bling Rhinestones from the craft store and I wrote the numbers in permanent marker on the back a number on each. It’s reuseable and so easy and convient and it was like $3.50.

  3. hi lynsey,

    thank u so much for posting this video! i appreciate the help:) u are amazzzzzzzzzzzing!!!!!!!!! i hope my business will fly soon…:)

  4. OK… I absolutely love the Party Squares Idea… the way I first understood it … It seemed like it would be a “floating” $100… And when a name was chosen, they would get a prize, but the $100 went toward party totals for hostess credit. Now since I uderstand that the money is still in the party totals, but the winner gets the amount in free product… that makes it much easier to explain. And easier to get everyone on board. Absolutely a GREAT Idea… and I guess I should read a little more carefully. ;- )

  5. Heather McCloud

    Love doing this but very often I get the girls who in front of everyone start the “do it now do it now” and they want to NOT order until the name has been drawn.

    how can we avoid this?

  6. Hi Lynsey,

    Quick question:
    What happens if the hostess does not sell all the squares and you choose a blank square?
    Do you keep drawing until someone wins?
    Just wondering as my parties tend to be rather small.

  7. Yes, it kind of becomes funny when you choose and choose… like pulling Bingo tiles or something lol Sometimes I will say “ok my magic is broken, someone else choose” and let them grab a number out of the bag 🙂

  8. Honestly, it is a judgement call on your part. If you coach your Hostess and make sure SHE knows it is the last thing, you can kinda get her to help tell her friends to settle down lol Ortherwise just sweetly but firmly say “noooo this is a bonus buy” or something to that effect. 🙂

  9. RIGHT! You treat it exactly if it was just another order! Glad it made more sense – videos are SO much easier to explain things in! Ha!

  10. I have used the party squares also for booths when things seem pretty slow and people don’t look like they are buying they will pay $1 for a chance to win. Like that.

  11. I have been doing this for years. Its a great help for those who are super excited and have those huge Wish Lists. I also have the issue that one of the divas above have mentioned, alot of times the girls wont order unless you pull their name. I do enjoy doing this 😉

  12. I’ve had this template for a long time – it’s going in all my hostess pkts now.

  13. You know – i’ve had these forever and have never really coached my hostesses to use them. I will try this out!!!

  14. ALWAYS check with your state first to make sure! Some places this is considered a lottery, yes.

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