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Customer Care is one of the most important aspects of the direct sales industry. How well you take care of your customers will determine whether or not they continue to do business with you… or go to another consultant.

One of the most important parts of direct sales customer care is a simple follow-up strategy – but that can be overwhelming and you absolutely must have a system in place to keep it organized and on track.

Recently I recorded a video all about how to use a “Customer Care Box” with a simple customer care system that lets you have targeted follow up two times a year!

direct sales customer care

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How To Use A Direct Sales Customer Care Box

Whether you use a Customer Care Box, a Customer Care Spreadsheet, or even a Customer Care Software, making sure that you stay in front of your customers on a regular basis is the key to growing your direct sales business.

Remember to always keep your customers best interests at heart so that you maintain the relationship for years to come.

Also check out our Top Ten Customer Care Tips for even more ways to connect with your customers for more sales, more bookings, more recruits, and even more referrals!

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32 thoughts on “Direct Sales Customer Care Box”

  1. trying to ignite a new company. L’Bri , and I am consultant with Tealightful Tea. I could use all the help possible to get this off the ground.

  2. I love this idea! I’m a huge fan of receiving follow up from people I do business with, but have struggled giving the love to my clients! I’m implementing this right away! Thank you so very much

  3. I would love to have something like this. It’s a great tool if you have young children and are always going to ball practice, gym etc. You can grab it and go and work while you are waiting on them.

  4. I can’t get the giveaway form to load, but I’ll keep trying. This seems like a great giveaway! I don’t want to miss this chance.

  5. Renae Milburn

    Awesome Tool for the biz.!! this will help keeping organizing, and less clutter Here’s to winning!!.

  6. i am a consultant with Epicure. I would use the box to keep my customers info organized and have a good system to contact them.

  7. Love this idea! I am a consultant with The Pampered Chef and love to have another reason to follow up with someone and keep my name in mind when they are ready to party or order!

  8. I would love to win this for a dear friend of my who is direct sale diva, but I’ve never seen her do this. I know she would would love it!

  9. Love the new training format and I really love this training session. I will definitely be starting my customer care box! Would love to win!

  10. Love it! This is one of my goals for the month. I need to get my customer follow in order :).

  11. Sheila Meredith

    I love this! I’m with Jamberry & would use this to get my customer care so much better organized!

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