Direct Sales Customer Care Phone Scripts with Printable

It can be pretty nerve-racking to pick up that 100-pound phone! Here are all the Customer Care Scripts you need to feel confident and make calling easy!!

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Before You Pick Up The Phone

The #1 most preparation to make your phone calls run smoothly is to make sure you are ORGANIZED before you pick up the phone! You do not want to be scrambling around trying to find things once you have someone on the line.

Clean off your desk or work area. Clutter is going to make you FEEL nervous. You want a calm, clean slate in front of you.

Spend a moment getting in the “zone” with your Party Diva Mantra.

Make sure to have at hand:

Customer Care Script for 1-3 Days After Product Delivery

Hi Customers Name! This is Your Name with Your Company! Is this a good time to chat?

I wanted to tell you how nice it was to meet you at Hostess’s party and to Thank You for your order. Are you happy with all of your products?

Great! I would like to verify the information on your Customer Order Form for my Customer Care Service and off you a Percentage Off or Free Item on your next order just for sharing your information with me! Is that ok?

Is there anything I can help you with today – maybe a question or something you overlooked at Hostess’s Party?

And I also see you have several items still on your wish list – can we set a date for you to hostess a party and see about getting those items for free? I can still give your friend credit for your Party Booking.

Who do you know who might also be interested in earning some free products by Hostessing their own show?

Terrific, I will get you a Hostess Packet in the mail first thing tomorrow and look forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you so much Customer’s Name and talk to you soon!

Customer Referral Call – After A Party

Hi, Customers Name! This is Your Name with Your Company! Do you have a moment to chat?

I enjoyed meeting you the other night at Hostess’s Party – are you happy with all of your new products?

Great! I am so glad you love our goodies! I have built my business solely on referrals, and like most of my clients I am sure you have friends who would love these products too. Who do you know that might like to book a party or just enjoy some of Your Company’s products?

I would appreciate your referrals, and for every five referrals you share with me, I will give you XX% of your next order with me!

I would love for you to let you friends know they will be hearing from me! Thank you so much for your time!

Customer Referral Call – Not After a Party

Hi Customers Name! This is Your Name with Your Company! Do you have a minute to chat?

I was just wanting to touch base with you to make sure you were still loving everything you have ordered and see if there was anything I could order for you this week. I am placing an order tonight and would be happy to add anything you need with it. (Yes or no – handle that – and then)

Terrific, well I wanted to ask one more thing if I may. My business is built on word of mouth and referrals and since you know me and you know how great my products are, I just thought maybe you would know someone who would love them as much as you do.

I would love to offer you XX% off your next order with me for anyone who places an order or books a party from your referral. Who do you know who might be interested in hosting a party or seeing a catalog?

Excellent thank you so much – and if you think of anyone else, please know I will always honor this referral bonus for you.

I appreciate your help in building my business so much – and should you ever find yourself wanting to make some extra money, I would sure love to have you on my team. Take care.

Customer Care Cards Call

Building Your Customer Care File From Old Order Forms

Hi Customer’s Name! This is Your Name with Your Company! Is this a good time to chat? (if yes…)

I am creating a Customer Care file so I can be sure my Customers are getting the best service possible!

I want to double-check that the information on your order form from Hostess’s Party is still correct, AND I would like to offer you a Percentage or Free Item with your next order just for sharing your information with me!

Go over the Customer Care Card

Is there anything you would like to shop for today while I have you on the phone and take advantage of that special offer?

Who do you know who might be interested in learning more about my products or earning free goodies?

Thank you so much Customer Name. I look forward to talking to you again soon!

Basic Customer Care Follow Up Call

Hi, Customers Name! This is Your Name with Your Company! Is this a good time to chat?

Great, how have you been? make small talk for a few minutes?

Have you been to another Your Company party since I saw you last?

Well, I am looking at your Customer Care Card I have for you and wanted to just mention a few things.

Option #1: I see that you ordered A Consumable Product from me a few months ago. Are you out of that and would you like to reorder?

Option #2: I have a special on One Of Your Top Products Or An Item From Her Wish List – XX% off – would you like to place an order for that item today at a savings?

Option #3: I see your Anniversary/Birthday is coming up in a few weeks, do you have something special planned? Is there something I can Gift Wrap For You to give your Sweetie on that special day? (Or someone to call to give your wish list to for your birthday?)

Option #4: We have an awesome Hostess Only Promotion going on for all Hostesses that hold parties between now and The Last Day Of The Next Month. I have Two Dates Available, would you like to book a party and get this promotion PLUS some of your Wish List for free?

Great – I will get this order processed first thing in the morning and include your hostess packet in the bag!

Who do you know who might also be interested in earning some free goodies this month?

Thanks so much, I will talk with you soon!

Booking Script: Hostess Reunion Party

She has held a party with your before and you want her to book again!

“Hello, is Jane there?”

(if NOT home) “When is a good time to call back?”

(if YES home) “Hi Jane. This is ____________________, your __________ Consultant. You hosted a ______________ Party with me about a year ago.” “Jane, I’m sure you’re busy so I won’t keep you. The reason why I’m calling is because I am in the middle of a ______________ Party Booking Contest with my nationwide team, and I am scheduling Re-Union Parties. You hosted a Party with me about a year ago and I wanted to see if you’d like to get the girls together again to see my new products and earn more free goodies. Would you like to hear about my reunion specials tonight?”

(IF YES to specials) “Great! If you schedule your reunion party to be held by May 31st, you’ll receive a free ________________ PLUS ________% of your party sales AND (whatever booking incentive your company is offering) !! I’m also offering an extra BONUS for any parties booked yet this month – if you can whip together 5 or more friends here in April, I’ll ALSO throw in a ____________ ( something special) PLUS PRE-FILLED invites AND a copy of last year’s guest list to make planning easier…So, Jane what special sounds the best for you…April’s Bonus or May?

(If YES to party say) “Wonderful! Thank you for rescheduling – you and your friends are going to have a great time! Ok, so let’s pencil down a date for you. Do you prefer a weekday or weekend?(wait for reply) “Ok, that narrows it down…I have ________ or ________ available at this time. Which do you prefer?” (offer her 2 choices to start and the closest dates possible – do not purposely book May when you have dates open in April. you need parties NOW! unless of course, you don’t)

(if NO to party, casually say) “That’s ok.WHO DO YOU KNOW that I can call on tonight who might be interested in the fun of a _____________Party? If they book with me, I’ll pass along a $10 gift certificate for your referral.”

(At this point you can offer to add her to your mailing list.) “Jane before we hang up, would you like to stay on my client list so I can contact you in the future when there is another special?”

(If she seems indecisive say) “Well let’s pencil you down for something so I can count your party toward my contest, and you can call me tomorrow if you realize you need to change the date.”

If You Get The Answering Machine

Hi, this message is for Jane. Jane, this is _____________________, your__________________ Parties Consultant and Party Planner. The reason why I’m calling is because I am in the middle of a Booking Contest with my nationwide team, and I was wondering if you’d be interested in hosting a one year __________________ Party Reunion with me and your friends. We had so much fun last year; I thought it’d be fun to do it again! If you agree AND call me back before 9pm tomorrow night, I’ll give you a BONUS gift at your party PLUS much more! Call me for details at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Thanks Jane. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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