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Direct Sales Party Plan Success System

This past Wednesday my phone rang at a rather late hour, so I let it go to voice mail.

I woke the next morning to a frantic call from a fellow consultant needing a party covered for Friday night.

Because I already had a party booked for Saturday I had left my Friday night open, so I was free to do the party.  I called the Consultant back and spoke to her at length, finding out that she had in fact left the business a year or so ago due to family circumstances, but wanted to sign back up.

She had been on my team prior, though a few levels deep, and the ladies between us had left the business, which would have “rolled her up” to me.

We talked for nearly an hour about her business, her goals, her dreams, and all the things that got in her way. We set a time to talk later in the week to figure out how to bring her back into the business.  She gave me the name and phone number of the Hostess who was having a party the very next day and needed a Consultant.

I put a call in to her and waited.

Late that evening again my phone rang – this time I answered it to find my beyond-frazzled hostess in a panic that no one was going to be able to do her party.

I assured her I had it all under control, and would take care of everything.

She was so appreciative I knew I was going to feel really fantastic whether I sold one item or not.  It was a bachelorette party anyway, and I always like to make things fun for the Bride, being as though I never have had a bachelorette party myself!


Direct Sales Party Plan Success System

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I smiled as I went to bed shortly after, feeling good for having “saved the day” for a lady whom I have never met.

The next evening I arrived to the home a little early and began setting up.  The second person to arrive was a dear friend I had not seen in years.

Next, a friend I haven’t seen since we graduated high school, and then next my old room mate from many years ago.

Turns out they all worked with the Bride to be.

Approximately 15 other guests arrived over the course of the next 45 minutes as we all talked and reminisced and “ooh’d” and “ahh’d” at all of the Bride’s Wedding details.

As I got ready to start the party I remember thinking to myself

“THIS is why I love this business.”

I was among friends, we were sharing some of the most important memories and details of our lives, and whether I sold one single item or not, I didn’t care – I was having a fantastic night of “girl time.”

I relaxed completely, and did an absolutely amazing job of my show.

I had a “dance like no one is watching” kind of feel, and I realized how much we all kinda psych ourselves out when we are there to “make the sale.”

Two hours later, after the last guest had left, my Hostess, the Bride to Be, and I sat on the back porch at the pool while they finalized their orders.

The grand total:

Party Sales – $1,130.00

Bookings – 2

and signing up my old Consultant and possibly one more from the party.


Direct Sales Party Plan Success System

As I drove home I started thinking about all of the details of the last 3 days that led to my success that evening.

One thing that stuck out the most was that I was completely ready for a party – even if it was a “surprise.”

I remember a time where I would have been in absolute chaotic panic trying to get everything ready for a party – from putting my info on Catalogs to printing Hostess Packets and putting together game prizes.

It was because I live, breathe, teach and practice The Diva Success System that I was able to take a last minute party which made me nearly $500 right away that night, with the promise of more with Bookings and New Consultants.

The Diva Success System works if you work it.  You will always be prepared for a party – even if it is a “surprise.”  You will have everything you need for your “thousand dollar party”, your new Hostesses, and of course, your new team members.

I do not just teach this System – I LIVE IT – and you can too.

Direct Sales Party Plan Success System

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