Are you “FLYING” Through Life?

I love to fly. I prefer flying over any other means of transportation.  There is something about being that high in the air, looking out over the clouds, and seeing the World below that is so exhilarating for me. 

It is probably because even as young as 8 years old I remember flying alone to my grandparents home in Tampa – only a 50-minute flight from Pensacola.

There was nothing in the world “cooler” than being able to see my Granny and Papa in less than an hour when they lived so far away!

I remember stories my other grandfather used to tell of his travels as a Pilot for the US Air Force. He taught me a lot about how a plane flies, and how a “flight plan” is determined and so on.

It wasn’t until years later that I would reflect on his stories in my memories of him that I started to realize how much flying a plane is like going through life.

Did you know that an airplane is constantly a few degrees off course? The “flight plan” is drawn out before the plane leaves, but once it is in the air, the plane will be off course almost the entire flight.

Yet, each plane still manages to arrive at the correct city, at the correct time, almost every time.

Think about a goal you have set and achieved. Were you ever “off course” during your journey?

Maybe you missed a few “mile markers” but still reached the same destination.  How can this happen?

Getting to Your Direct Sales Destination

Well, an airplane comes equipped with two very important pieces of machinery – Auto Pilot, and a GPS

These two devices communicate with each other throughout the flight to keep the plane readjusting back on course. 

The GPS will signal how far the plane is off, and the Auto Pilot will correct itself.

In Party Plan, you must also have a GPS and Auto Pilot.

Your GPS is a combination of your current numbers and your datebook. Your current numbers (monthly sales, consultants, etc) will tell you where you are, and your datebook will tell you where you are headed. 

These two tools will give you a clear, concise look at the direction you are headed towards your goals. 

You can also track and review your progress just like with a GPS. 

By looking at your progress, you can very quickly see whether you are ahead or behind on your plan.

Your Auto Pilot will be a combination of your drive, dedication, and support you are receiving from your Sponsor, Success Sisters, and family. 

These factors will help you get “back on course” when your GPS tells you that you are not headed in the right direction. 

Your commitment to your goal will be what you need to readjust yourself, get back on track, and “land” at the correct destination.

In addition to these two tools, you must also have a good “flight plan” in place. 

Your flight plan is the course you are taking to reach each goal.  Goals must be broken down with quarterly, monthly, or even weekly “mile markers,” and must be constantly in front of you every single day. 

Make your goal your screen saver on your computer.  Put it as your wallpaper on your cell phone.  Write it on the rearview mirror of your car. Hang it in your office.  Write it on your bathroom mirror. 

Also, make sure to SHARE your goal and “flight plan.”  You must consistently have thoughts and momentum towards your goal each and every day. 

Not thinking about your goal would be like not entering your flight plan into your airplane’s Auto Pilotyou will not know where to go!

And finally, know that no matter where you are on your flight plan, you can always still reach your destination. 

Remember my favorite Chinese Proverb – Failure is not falling down, failure is not getting back up.

Even if you think you are way off course, you can go back to your Auto Pilot, and still reach your destination – maybe your flight was just delayed!  Ha!

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