Welcome to My New Office

Over the weekend I was a bit scarce on Party Plan Divas, but with good reason.  On Saturday we decided to revamp the house, move some rooms around, and set me up with a brand new office for 2012.  I can not TELL you how excited I am.  There is just something about a “new space” that makes you feel energized,rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world!   By request from a few of my Divas, I am taking you on the “tour” to show you where I work each day, and how I keep my life, time, schedule, and space organized.   Welcome to my office!

One of my favorite tools that I have had for years is my four-month dry erase calendar.  It is pretty large so you can write in just about anything you need, but I love being able to see my next four months “at a glance” at any time.  It is on the wall directly behind my office, so I can spin around and see it any time.  It was a little pricey, but has been worth every penny!

Next is this amazing hutch that my mother in law gave me.  It “hides” a television, so I can watch tv when I am working alone (gotta have some sound) but close it for a great background for when I am recording videos.

1 – it also holds my weights and exercise equipment for when the mood strikes for some curls.

2- Books I love and gain inspiration from.  You can see my Top Ten list here.

3 – My Gold Canyon warmer and pod I received as a gift from one of my Divas.  Currently rockin “Pool Towel” – the scent that reminds me of summer – even when it is chilly outside.

Beside my desk I have a two shelf book case with things that I need to be able to put my hands on quickly:

1 – my corkboard of important stuff – includes my voters registration card, Office Depot coupons, items I need to order, etc.

2 – a mirror… of course.

3 – my “take to the car” pile.  Includes my Mobile Office and things that need to go to Office Depot to be copied.

4 – cute little box of dry erase markers in over 10 different colors – a MUST have.  Color is everything.

5 – my brain (lol) includes binders for Conference Calls, Diva Success Sisters Chapters, Diva Leadership Academy notes, Direct Sales News magazines, etc.  Also has  my random wires to connect my camera, phone, iPod, etc.

6 – shipping items, a huge hole punch, and items that need to be returned to my Corporate Office.

Then of course the nucleus of it all…. the desk.  I love love love love this leveled corner desk that I purchased years ago from Target, but I believe that Office Depot has them as well.  It is huge, but truly perfect.  It gives space for all of my “stuff” while still having plenty of room to write or spread stuff out to make Gardening Gifts.  Truly worth whatever they are asking for it.

1 – camera bag that houses my Canon T3 Rebel with all of its lenses.

2 – web cam which is connected to the PC with Skype running at all times for quick spur of the moment coaching chats

3 – stationery, note cards, etc to send out for recognition, encouragement, or thank yous

4 – business cards and gardening gift supplies – mostly all from Cello In A Box :)

5 – my current “to do today” pile – includes a book I need to review and my Executive Size Diva Success System Planner.  Also has extra file folders for me to grab in a hurry.

6 – a trash can.  My best friend.  I have to tell you – I fill this thing up at least twice a week.  Truth is we hang on to so much crap we just simply do not need.  If you havent used it since Halloween – throw it away.  If you have to dust it off to pick it up – throw it away.  If it is papers – scan them in to your computer and then throw it away.  Clutter is TERRIBLE for productivity.  Just throw it away.  If you need it again, make the money to buy it again – but I bet you wont need it!

My Tween daughter also moved her desk in here, along with her computer and school stuff.  It has been great to do homework and such with both girls here in the office together.  They know this is a “work room” and not a “play room” and have been great about keeping things tidy and put away.

1 – my 31 Gifts everything bag.  It kind of accompanies my “take to the car” pile.

2 – crafts, crayons, glue sticks and other fun stuff that is for my girls, but I use from time to time for fun activities such as a Vision Board.

3 – her little “audience” of Littlest Pet Shop critters.  Like her mother, she enjoys speaking in front of a crowd. :)

The only thing that I forgot to take a picture of is the bottom of my desk – where there is space for my file cabinet, computer tower, and printer.   I also have my past Planners and a bag of mini hand sanitizers for gardening gifts.

So that is it!  That is my office!  Thanks for taking the “tour” and I hope I gave you some ideas for organizing your space to help you be more organized and successful in the New Year!   If you have any questions let me know!  I hope to be chatting with YOU (either in person or on Skype!) from this office very soon!


10 Ways To Simplify Your Life And Make Room For Success


Excerpted from I Love My Life: A Mom’s Guide to Working from Home.

As a work at home mom, you are really a one-person shop. By yourself, you carry the responsibility of doing sales, order fulfillment, accounting, and move onto scrubbing the floor and the evening dishes. It’s no wonder that many work-at-home moms feel overwhelmed.

Here are 10 tips to lighten your workload:

1) Say No! Say no to clients who aren’t your “ideal” clients. You don’t have to attend every social function. Say =“no” to things that don’t honor your personal needs and agenda.

2) Clear the clutter. Keep your work area neat, plan your day, and keep a good calendar. It’s easier to stay focused and productive when you know where everything is.

3) Prioritize. After you make your to do list, put a star beside the top three priorities for the day for yourself and your business. Promise yourself if you get these things done, that the rest can “wait.”

4) Uphold your personal boundaries. Say “no” to things that don’t feel good.

5) Eliminate energy drains. Is there a friend or client who drives you nuts? Are you doing overkill with housework? Is there an unresolved problem in your life?

6) Give yourself ample time to do everything. When you try to accomplish too many things in too little time you set yourself up for catastrophe.

7) Don’t over-promise yourself. If you need two days to work on a project, say it will take three and then pleasantly surprise the client.

8 ) Learn to delegate. Identify only those tasks that you NEED to perform and hand the rest of it to an assistant. Maybe it’s time to hire a bookkeeper to help with the bills and invoicing. Is there some work you can outsource? See chapter 9 for ideas on finding consultants and other people who you can delegate to.

9) Simplify and systematize. Manage your time efficiently. Group similar tasks together.

10) Work with your body’s natural rhythms. If you are more alert early in the morning, tackle those tough tasks first. If you wake up later with the fifth cup of coffee, then read your mail or perform a no-brainer task first.

The Countdown Has Begun

The biggest shopping day of the year in just a few weeks away – BLACK FRIDAY! Don’t wait until the last minute to organize your Black Friday Specials! Companies around the country have already started “leaking” their specials out to the media… already growing a “buzz” among shoppers everywhere who are making their early morning shopping plans!

Black Friday is the official opening to the Christmas Selling Season. Though it is not always the absolute largest selling day, it is by far the largest traffic day to retailers around the world. The term “Black Friday” comes from retailers who have “suffered” over the summer months getting back “into the black” (i.e. PROFITS!) with amazing deals, specials, and sales to entice every shopper.

Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday and the unofficial kick off to online shopping for the holiday season. On this day many merchants will have some great deals and these deals are only good online. There are usually great deals throughout the holidays but some of the best can be found on this day, even more so this year with the way our economy has been going lately.

Use these ideas and start planning (and “leaking!!”) your specials NOW to have an amazing Black Friday (and Cyber Monday!) sale – all the while YOU are out doing some shopping of your own!!

“Bounce Back” Discounts
With any purchase, offer a Gift Certificate or Discount Coupon for the next purchase. Like the restaurants offering the Giftcard with Giftcard – this can be a second gift, a gift for the giver, or add value to the original purchase. This will also boost your January sales!

Free Gift with Purchase
Offer top selling Free Gifts with purchase increments. Take a look at your average orders from the last few months (or last year if possible) and increase it a bit. Make sure you gift warrants that much however.

Random “Blue Light” Specials
Randomly highlight products throughout the day on your site. You can use your Social Media platforms that we talked about last month to send these specials out. Consider setting up accounts such as TweetLater which will automate the process of sending out specials at certain times. Set up your coupon codes in advance for completely seamless shopping.

Send Two Reminder Emails
For whatever promotions you tun, make sure to keep your company on everyone’s mind throughout the season. Up your email marketing efforts to help not get “lost” in the abundance of other emails everyone will be receiving.

Give Store Credit, Not Discounts
Don’t give away the farm by offering outrageous discounts on your products of you don’t have to. Consider offering store credit in the form of an online Gift Certificate that can be used towards future purchases. For example, instead of offering a $25 discount, offer a $35 store credit.

Spread It Out
Yes, the whole purpose of Black Friday being the “one day sale”- but, the new Cyber Monday is not to be overlooked! Consider running a weekend long sale, or having different specials on each day. This will also alleviate Customer Service craziness on just one day, and allows for customer viral marketing to kick in.

Create Product Bundles
Utilize what your Corporate Office has already created, or create your own. The easier you make gift giving – the more your customers will shop with you – AND refer you to their friends. The value of a product bundle can be perceived as greater then the sum of its part because you are conveniently creating a one-stop-gift.

It’s The Little Things
Gift wrapping, customization, separate shipping, alterations – these “little things” paired with excellent Customer Service will keep your shoppers happy, and the better their experience the more they will tell their friends and colleagues.

Start Advertising Now
Begin“leaking” your sales now. Use your Social Media to start creating a buzz about your Holiday Specials. Make everything you send viral – meaning they can forward to a friend, retweet, repost, etc. The most successful marketing campaigns are those that reach target consumers, engage with them, and create a relationship well before they make a purchase.

Enlist a Team of Elves
Make sure that everyone you meet or work with this season has plenty of your Diva Referral Cards to hand out. Consider making cards from vistaprint.com just for this purpose. Create a Referral System to reward your Elves for their help.

The more people you reach, the higher your sales will be this season, and with the Bounce Back incentives – the higher your January will be as well. Go get ‘em Santa!