Tips On How to Prioritize Your Daily Tasks

This article shows you how to prioritize your daily tasks to arrange work as well as meet deadlines.

Prioritization involves determining what must be done first in a sea of ​​contending priorities.

When the whole thing seems to be your top priority, when you are continuously running to quit your job and drag yourself too much, it can be problematic to decide what to do at one point as well as what to do next.

It takes planning as well as effort to decide what to do first and establish an order or order of doing things.

Use Your Calendar To Prioritize Your Daily Tasks

    Struggling to prioritize your daily tasks? Look no further than the trusty calendar!

    I personally like using my calendar inside this planner to help keep everything together.

    A great way to get organized is to write down all of your tasks for the day, then assign each one a start time and duration.

    That way, you can quickly see which tasks you can fit into your schedule and which ones need attention first.

    Don’t forget to leave some extra time for unplanned events too!

    And if something comes up that you weren’t expecting – no problem! Just adjust your calendar accordingly and stay on top of your task list.

    End of Day Task Building

      At the end of the working day, write down a list of the 6 most important tasks for the next working day.

      You prioritize them according to their importance and start the next morning with the first task.

      Just focus on this task. As soon as it is done, you get to your second to-do.

      At the end of the working day, you make a list of the next day’s tasks.

      Hottest contenders are the tasks that were not done that day.

      The GTD Method

        The GTD method (“Getting Things Done”) developed by management consultant David Allen has now become a cult because it gets everything out of your head that clogs your brain and brings it back to your memory exactly when you need it.

        It is a self-management method in which you record everything – but really everything – of activities in an administration system in task lists.

        If you write everything down and make sure that you are reminded of it in time by the calendar, you relieve your head.

        In this way, you can concentrate fully on the current task and not worry about forgetting other tasks.

          The Smart Method

          This method helps you to formulate your goals SMART:

          • S : Describe your goals as specifically as possible
          • M : Orientate yourself to measurable facts
          • A : Make your goals attractive to you
          • R : Formulate them realistically
          • T : Have one Timing at a Glance
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