Build a Business Blog – How To Stay Motivated

When you first start blogging it can be an exciting thought. You are going to talk all about your business, connect with your readers, make money, share all this product, share your cooking or crafting or family…then you realize, wait, this is a lot of WORK!

Everyone gets down now and then whether it’s the beginning of their career or way in the future. Keeping up any business is time-consuming, scary, and sometimes you ask yourself if it’s all worth it!

Here are a few tips to get motivated on your journey.

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First, remember, this is the BEGINNING. You will soon find a groove and a schedule that works for you – but just like when you began your direct sales business, finding that schedule takes a bit of time and adjusting.

Just know this is all part of the process. Be excited and when you are down, it is OK to refocus, reset, or take some time off.

No one is going to quit coming because you need some time away!

Get active, get involved, get blogging!

The average blogger wants to keep motivated and FIRED UP! Burn-out is so common in this field – just like in direct sales. With parties, blog posts, phone calls, customer care, paperwork… having down time to just “relax” can seem like the way of the past.

With so much access to twitter, facebook, and social sites, you can always feel like you HAVE to do something.  Your family needs you, a customer needs you, a team member needs you, a fellow blogger needs you. It can be exhausting.

But here is the thing:

No one else can motivate YOU to Success.

YOU must motivate YOU.  There is so much time wasted in conferences trying pump you up and it’s short-lived unless the desire and passion truly land in your heart.

You must work to keep yourself inspired and motivated – focusing always on “the big picture” until it becomes your reality. Do not lose sight of the future – it is what will become your present.

Keeping yourself on the right track and ignited simply is not going to happen unless you follow a few simple rules. These rules are based in reality, not hype, and honesty, not empty enthusiasm.

Have a schedule

The entire foundation of Party Plan Divas lies in our time management system. With everything in life – and especially business – a system will help to make things run more smoothly and more efficient…without you losing your mind.

Schedule time to work on your blog with the same priority as your other business tasks – such as Hostess Coaching and Customer Care.

Pat yourself on the back, and focus on what is really important. 

While knowing your stats are important, do not live and breathe google analytics. There is so much more to blogging than how many people saw that one great post.

If you connect with even one new customer – pat yourself on the back and call it a win.

If you give one reader an “aha” moment with your products – raise a glass and toast to you.

If you help to encourage a new team member who was feeling a bit down in the dumps after a lousy party – celebrate.

Think Big. Be BOLD.

If you have 10 visitors a day do not hope for 100, hope for 1000, maybe 10,000. If you have 10 fans – do not hope for 100, hope for 10,000. And then work as if you already have them.

All those things are VERY possible. Yes, it takes hard work, but I dream big and you should too.

New ideas that enlarge you are worth their weight in gold. Have you ever seen someone get ignited when they had an “aha” moment? You need to become the “aha master” and continually introduce new Success and possibilities in your life, and into your readers.

As a Direct Sales Consultant, you are a SOLUTION FINDER! So what problems can you solve with your blog? What products do you have that are a solution to others problems?  Enlarge your life!!

You MUST give personal time and attention to your non-business life.

Nothing motivates more than personal attention. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the things you HAVEN’T done yet.

You need to write a post, follow up with that hostess, answer emails, make dinner, change a diaper, and do a store run. Oh, and the mail, and create that flyers, and the….. but STOP!

Focusing on one person and one task at a time can make you feel more accomplished and at peace with what you have done versus what you need to do!

And as a business owner, personal encouragement is a great way to give attention to your kids and family. Do not let them resent your business by ignoring them.

Your duty is to find a way to have them excited about what you are doing and loving it rather than dreading it.

If you are spending more time working/blogging than with your kids and they are upset, maybe you are taking on to much!

It really is OK to say no to too much work and take some time away for your family. Ultimately, they are all that really matter. 

Repeat after me: I solemnly swear to not let this blog consume me.


Sit down and write out your schedule for the next two weeks. Include any meetings, appointments, classes, parties, etc. 

Next, schedule time with your loved ones. A lot of it. Prioritize them. 

Then schedule time to work on your blog. Voila. 

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