Catalog Parties Idea from Thirty One Gifts – Timeless Beauty Bag

Recently I spoke at a Regional Training Event for Origami Owl where Senior Director Michelle Freatman shared with me how she did her Catalog “Take Out” Parties using a top selling product from Thirty One Gifts.

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I asked if I could share the idea with The Divas and she said sure.  I was blown away by how nice and professional they were, and loved the idea that you could boost your own business with Catalog Parties, while helping a Sister Consultant with Thirty One Gifts boost hers!  

It’s a win-win!

Check it out –

Catalog Parties Idea

PS – Michelle insists that she was not the original person to come up with this – but it was the first time *I* saw it, so she was the first to share it with ME!  Ha!   If anyone knows who the “original” idea came from, please let me know.  I would love to send a huge KUDOS!  🙂

Check out to find a Thirty One Gifts Representative near you!  🙂

Catalog Parties Idea

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