Catalog Parties Idea from Thirty One Gifts – Timeless Beauty Bag

Recently I spoke at a Regional Training Event for Origami Owl where Senior Director Michelle Freatman shared with me how she did her Catalog “Take Out” Parties using a top selling product from Thirty One Gifts.

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I asked if I could share the idea with The Divas and she said sure.  I was blown away by how nice and professional they were, and loved the idea that you could boost your own business with Catalog Parties, while helping a Sister Consultant with Thirty One Gifts boost hers!  

It’s a win-win!

Check it out –

Catalog Parties Idea

PS – Michelle insists that she was not the original person to come up with this – but it was the first time *I* saw it, so she was the first to share it with ME!  Ha!   If anyone knows who the “original” idea came from, please let me know.  I would love to send a huge KUDOS!  🙂

Check out to find a Thirty One Gifts Representative near you!  🙂

Catalog Parties Idea
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9 thoughts on “Catalog Parties Idea from Thirty One Gifts – Timeless Beauty Bag”

  1. Love this idea!!!!!! I have shared and offered a discount to all my direct home sales friends:)

  2. I have an origami owl catalog and a timeless beauty bag (I’m a thirty-one consultant), and the catalog didn’t fit in bag like shown on the video….? I’d love to be able to suggest this, but what catalog is in there. Origami’s is too long.?

  3. On the video I saw of this from another O2 gal, she said since our Take Out Menus are too long for this bag, she places 3-5 on top inside. So it’s the first thing they see when opening it up.

  4. Suzanne Valiquette

    What a great idea! I will be getting a few of these for msyself! You can purchase some yourself on my website at . I actually have a catalog party closing tomorrow morning at 9am, so if you want to join, just go to my website and click My Events 😉 Thanks lovies.

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