We are just a few weeks Halloween – one of the most fun and beneficial holidays for direct sales! Whether you are taking your little ones door to door or handing out candy yourself – you can easily hand out little Halloween Gardening Gifts – perfect for the parents! When else will you have potential customers literally knocking on your door? Halloween is a fun time to really boost your business in your local area in a memorable and economical way! 

Gardening is the term we use at Party Plan Divas for marketing your business because you want to think of marketing as “planting seeds” of success for your business. Check out the video below for some great ideas for marketing this Halloween and feel free to use the ideas below to make your own gardening gifts! Remember we have sample containers and business card baggies available in our Diva Shoppe.



Boosting Holiday Sales at Halloween:

boosting holiday sales

Put a Starlight Mint with this cute business card – available at VistaPrint

recruiting business card

Include this business card with a Payday Candy Bar:

recruiting tips business card partyplandivas

What are your ideas for marketing your business on Halloween?


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