Paparazzi Accessories Review

Wouldn’t it be great to have a full set of jewelry that perfectly matches each individual outfit in your wardrobe – without breaking the bank!? That is possible with Paparazzi Accessories Jewelry– a leading direct sales company which offers a huge line of beautiful costume jewelry… for five dollars or less!

Yes! You read that correctly – five dollars! You can choose from literally hundreds of pieces for every style, age, color, size – you name it, they probably have it!

I am a huge fan of Paparazzi Accessories Jewelry and I admit – the only downside is that I have had to buy a second jewelry box just to hold all of the pieces I just had to have!

I mean – who can resist buying the matching earrings, necklace, and bracelet when they all match perfectly and the entire set only runs you $20.00!?

paparazzi accessories

Paparazzi Accessories Jewelry

Independent Paparazzi Consultant Carlotta Bruce sent me their popular SCARFed for Attention necklace for inclusion in this year’s Diva Holiday Gift Guide.

This super lightweight necklace can be worn in a variety of different ways and even comes with the matching earrings! ALL for just $5!! This one is a bright silver, but this necklace comes in several different finishes and is so versatile you can wear it with virtually anything.

You can dress it down with jeans and boots or dress it up with your favorite little black dress!

paparazzi accessories jewelry

Paparazzi Accessories Business

The Paparazzi Accessories Jewelry line changes often so there are new pieces to choose from all the time! You can purchase directly from Carlotta’s website or host a Paparazzi Accessories Party and earn free products while helping your girlfriends shop for jewelry for every outfit in their closet!

As a Paparazzi Consultant, you can build a business helping women adorn every outfit they love with the perfectly matching accessories! It’s like getting to play big girl dress up – and get paid! How cool is that?! Check out Carlotta’s website to learn all about how you can get involved with Paparazzi Accessories!

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