How To Use SnapChat For Your Direct Sales Business

With more than 100 million active users and 400 million “snaps” per day, Snap Chat is one of the fastest growing social media networks around.

SnapChat offers a completely unique feel and opportunity than any other social media platform, so it has to be approached in a completely different way to gain maximum success for your direct sales business.


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What Is SnapChat?

Snapchat is a mobile app that lets you send public or private snaps of images and videos to people from your smartphone. You can set the timer for how long it shows, add filters, GEOFilters, draw, add stickers, and more!

“My Story” chronicles chosen public Snaps for 24 hours to your followers. You can set your “snaps” to show between 3 – 10 seconds and then they “disappear.”

What would I want to spend time on something that disappears?

The beauty of SnapChat is that unlike other social media outlets where people are just randomly scrolling through, SnapChat captures your follower’s attention for just those few seconds as they watch your snaps.

There are no ads, no interruptions, no algorithms to overcome – just you and your follower!

How else is SnapChat different?

Instagram – themed, cohesive, branded, strategy… SnapChat – on the fly, reality, no real “rules.”

Facebook – share others content, share different medias trying to overcome algorithm challenges… SnapChat – you and only you! No algorithm! If they follow you – they see you!

Twitter – SO LOUD! Everyone is talking on Twitter… SnapChat is much more controlled, less “noise” and less direct ads.

how to use instagram stories for business

SnapChat = Authenticity

In a world of “reality” tv being questionable reality at best, SnapChat is your place to be candidly, unabashedly YOU! Obviously, you must keep up your professionalism, but you can show off your silly side with SnapChat!

How Do I Find SnapChat Followers?

Growing your SnapChat following is just like any other social media site – you want to constantly promote and invite people to join you on SnapChat!

  • Put your SnapCode on your business cards
  • Use your SnapCode as a profile picture on Facebook or Twitter
  • Add your Add Code to your email signature, Facebook Page, etc.
  • Set an auto-DM for new Twitter Followers to follow you on SnapChat with your Add Link
  • Cross promote on your other social media sites to engage followers from different locations
  • Snap photos or videos at parties or vendor events
  • Ask partygoers if you can take a snap to add to your Story and ask them to follow you for exclusive offers
  • Consistently snap great content that is engaging and entertaining and ADDS VALUE to those watching

Final Thoughts

The #1 most important thing you can do on SnapChat is share quality, engaging content on a consistent basis.

Constant selfies – even with cute filters – are not engaging from a customers point of view.

You want your followers to look forward to seeing your Snaps every day – so give them something to come back for!

Also remember that Snapchat should be a part of your overall content promotion strategy, not something you just do on its own.

Use Snapchat to promote your products, hostess program, opportunity, referral program, blog, website, social media, etc.

Used correctly, SnapChat can be a highly engaged source of new customers, new ideas, and new business for your direct sales business!

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