10 Instagram Reels Ideas for Beginners in Direct Sales

If you’re new to posting to Instagram Reels as a Direct Seller, this post is for you.

First of all if you’re a beginner you might wonder what an Instagram Reel IS and why you should care to use it to promote your Direct Sales / Party Plan products.

Here is the definition right from the Instagram.com business page:

“Reels are short, entertaining videos on Instagram where you can express your creativity and bring your brand to life. People come to Reels to participate in cultural trends, collaborate with the community and discover new ideas.”

The reason why people are jumping on reels right now is that Instagram has put a focus on showing them to NEW people. So when you post you are actually reaching a new audience. As direct sellers we know how important it is to reach new people, especially after you’ve contacted your warm market. Even if you’re working through your warm market now the best time to have new leads is not when you need them, it’s NOW… before you do. Reels can bring you hundreds or thousands or more NEW connections… it’s worth putting some effort into!

If you start scrolling Instagram Reels at this very moment you’re going to see a collection of people dancing, lip syncing, acting badly, doing very cool video transitions and more. It can seem intimidating, especially for a beginner.

Know this: You don’t have to dance, show your face, sing or be a video master to get excellent results with Instagram Reels!

Just connect with your people… that’s the most important part of ANY marketing method.

Here are 10 ideas for you on how to get started easily…

Instagram Reels Idea For Beginners #1: Copy a Trend

This one is pretty simple. When you click on Instagram Reels you’ll start to see videos that are trending. You can tell top trending videos by how often you see them. Also, if you click on the square that shows what music the reel is using you can go to the page for that music/audio. When you go to the audio page, you’ll see how many people have used that specific audio piece. If the users are up in the tens of thousands then you’ll see it’s very popular.

Jumping on a trend will get you on the page with all the others and gives you a chance to get seen. Plus it gives you an idea of something that’s popular now and all you need to do is adapt it to your business and model it.

Instagram Reels Idea For Beginners #2: Demo Your Product

Got a neat product that you could demo in up to 60 seconds? Create a reel showing how it works. You can talk in your reel, add music or text. Do what feels right for you! Depending on how many products you have this one idea can keep you going for quite a while!

Instagram Reels Idea For Beginners #3: Do a Before & After

Show a before and after. I’ve seen plenty of makeup Instagrammers do this over and over on their reels. Of course this works for so many other types of products as well. What dramatic transition can you show as a result of using your products? Might make for a great reel. Repeat for as many products or as many customers as you have and you’ve got multiple reels to create.

Instagram Reels Idea For Beginners #4: Answer Top FAQ’s

If you get commonly asked questions about your products then you could turn those into reels. If one person has asked there are likely other people out there who also want to know! If you don’t get questions yourself take a look on your company’s website and see if they have a FAQ section and just answer those (the answers will be on the site, too). You can do this in fun ways by checking out trending videos and using their format for the FAQ.

Instagram Reels Idea For Beginners #5: Show Your Favorite Products

People want to know what WE stand behind and love and why. My favorite product is my best seller simply for the reason that I love it and I gush about it the most and most easily. It’s so natural to tell people what we love. Share video of you using your products, the results you got with them, how happy it makes you, how it affects your life after using or while using, etc.

Instagram Reels Idea For Beginners #6: Do An Unboxing

It can be fun to watch people OPEN STUFF. There is literally a massive YouTube channel where the owner unboxes something in every video. People love to see something new, how it comes out of the box, what you do with it, how you assemble it, etc.

Instagram Reels Idea For Beginners #7: Show Different Ways to Use Your Products

Many products sold through Party Plan and Direct Sales companies have many ways they can be used. For example if you sell shakes you can do one video showing all the kinds of recipes you can make with shakes and then do individual videos for each recipe. If you sell nailpolish you could show one color and all the designs you could do, then one reel for each design to show how it was created. If you sell clothes you could do a fashion show in one reel, then a reel for each outfit and how it was put together.

Instagram Reels Idea For Beginners #8: Dispel Myths

Are there any myths about your product, company or business? Show they’re not true and explain why! You could use trending reels for this, too.

Instagram Reels Idea For Beginners #9: Share Your Stories

Why did you sign up with your company? Why do you use the products? What interesting thing happened related to your business or product? Who are you and why are the products and the business important to you? We all have stories, they make us relatable! Share them often so people get a sense of who you are and what you care about.

Instagram Reels Idea For Beginners #10: Personal Anecdotes

People who know, like and trust you will buy from you. It’s great to share personal things like your likes, challenges, etc. For example maybe you LOVE coffee… there was a cute reel where you lipsync a lady saying “I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, and I love the sound of no one talking to me while I drink it.” It was a fun little trend that I jumped on because I LOVE my coffee in the morning and I LOVE how it smells so I knew other moms in business would relate to it. Attract your peeps by being YOU!

There you have it – 10 Instagram Reels Ideas for Beginners that can help you build your direct sales business.

Reels get a lot of views. Your goal with these views is for people to go from viewers to followers to customers and there’s a method to doing so. If you want to learn how you can check out the Party Plan Divas Instagram Reels Workshop available for instant access.
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