How To Schedule Posts In Your Private Facebook Group

How To Schedule Posts To Your Private Facebook Group

Facebook has announced it will not longer support 3rd party apps to access their platform.

What does this mean?

What are 3rd party apps?

Lot’s of questions here and we have the answers.

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What are 3rd party apps?

These are simply other services you pay for like CinchShare to schedule all you posts to your private group on Facebook.

I am sure you have seen them and possibly have used them or are currently using one.

What has happened?

Facebook announced these types of apps will not longer have access to their platform,

Which means you will have to find an alternate way to schedule posts to your private Facebook group for parties and daily social posts.

What does this mean now?

Well first thing first this means you’ll no longer have this capability of scheduling posts to your private Facebook group via an app like CinchShare.

But I have the perfect solution for you.

Facebook has their own scheduling app that is completely free which will let you schedule your posts for your parties inside your private groups.

I have a complete training on how to use this app inside Facebook.

This training will be $45 but is going to be part of Success Club which is only $20 .

You can join today and get an entire course on How To Increase Your Engagement and Sales on Facebook then get the new training on scheduling posts inside your private group.

Sometimes what may seem like something not so good can lead you to something so much better.

So take advantage of this time and join Success Club.

Let’s build your amazing business into what you want it to be.

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