Direct Sales Leadership Traits

The most successful Leaders in the Party Plan Industry are from all walks of life, from the Corporate Executive to the Stay At Home Mom, but there are some traits that they all have in common. Here are the Top 10 Traits to help you become a truly successful Leader.

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The Party Plan Industry is an occupation truly in a class by itself. Unlike Corporate America where you must have certain Credentials or Certifications to be considered a “Leader,” being a Party Plan Leader is more of a state of mind and lifestyle. 

Great Leaders Are Also Great Consultants.

The best Leaders in the industry are those who are consistently leading by example with their own personal business.

A great direct sales leader is a professional businesswoman who always maintains the highest level of class, integrity, and professionalism – both at a party and away.

As a Leader, you will be looked to for support, encouragement, knowledge, coaching, and inspiration. You must be the mentor you yourself would like to have.

Great Leaders Are Organized… mostly

There is such a thing as “organized chaos” – and many Leaders understand this term very well. You do not have to have everything “alphabetical, color-coded, smallest to largest order” however, being able to quickly put your hands on something is imperative.

Remember also that your team will mirror you – if you are organized and in control, they will work to be as well. Find a system that works for you, and then teach it to your team.

Great Leaders Do The Hard Stuff Too

In order to be an effective Leader, you must practice what you preach. Never ask your team to do more than you are willing to do yourself.

No matter what level you reach in the company, do not ever stop doing parties, hostess coaching, recruiting, etc.

You need to continue actively working your business to keep your “finger on the pulse” and always know what is going on with your company.

Great Leaders Are Assertive

You must be willing to make the first move. New consultants are often a little nervous of getting started in their new business. You must have the confidence to help her get past her fears to make her dreams a reality.

Even if you are fearful yourself, you must push through that fear for your team. The payoff is tremendous.

Great Leaders Are Understanding, Yet Firm

In this industry we do have to have a certain level of empathy and understanding with our team, however, make sure you stay strong and keep your focus.

If you become too good of “friends” with your team, they will think that you will “understand” when they start slacking from their business.

Though you want your team to know they can come to you, always be sure to stay professional. Also, you will find some team members need a little bit more of a “push” than others.

Using “tough love” is a good way to continue to support your team while still maintaining the respect and caring of the relationship.

Leaders Understand “Dump Up, Not Down”

Frustrations come at every level of the Party Plan Industry. However, you must never ever complain down towards your team! When a team sees their Leader upset about something, it can spread quickly throughout your team.

When you are upset or needing to vent, call your Upline, or another Leader not from your team. Chances are she has had the same frustrations, and will be able to give you advice and guidance.

Great Leaders Have Firm Faith In Your Industry, Company, And Product

To really be successful in Party Plan, you must have a good understanding of Direct Sales and Multilevel Marketing, as well as a firm faith and commitment to your Products and Company.

When the company does something you do not agree with (changing policies, discontinuing products, etc) a Leader must have enough faith in her company to know it is ultimately for the best.

Badmouthing your Company in any way is planting seeds of negativity and excuses into your team.

Great Leaders Are Resilient

Being a Leader in the Party Plan Industry requires having a little bit of “thick skin.”

As with being a Consultant and understanding that every “No” gets you closer to a “Yes”, a Leader needs to be able to hear negativity from her team, and work towards resolution without taking it to heart.

A Corporate shipping issue, for instance, can cause quite an uproar from your team. Remember that people are people, and though it may seem they are taking it out on you, it is simply business.

Likewise, if a consultant leaves the business or does not perform the way she has said she wanted to, if you have worked with her as a Leader, do not take this to heart.

Not every Consultant will make it in our industry, but many will, and if you are a good dedicated Leader, you have increased their chances of success ten fold.

Great Leaders Do Not Try To Motivate… They INSPIRE

There is a huge misconception that a Leader must MOTIVATE her team. People must motivate themselves. The best way to build your team, teach your team, and continue to support your team is to INSPIRE them!

Live the life that the success of your personal business has allowed for you. Take pride in the things that you have, the success you have made, and the future you are building for yourself. Continue to grow as a person as well as a Leader. 

Great Leaders Have A Genuine Passion For Other’s Success 

 A Leader is only as successful as the team she leads. If your genuine goal is to teach and help others succeed, in turn, you will succeed. It is the GIVING that will make you successful in the GETTING.

Change your focus from “What’s in it for me” to “How can I help her achieve her dreams.” The more success your team achieves, the more successful you become.

Leadership is the most rewarding aspect of the Party Plan Industry, both in personal growth and in your contribution to others success. Being a Successful Leader is a state of mind, a level of integrity, and lifestyle with the ultimate rewards.

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