How To Increase Participation On Team Webinars

Team meetings are incredibly important to build your Sisterhood, offer invaluable training, and keep your finger on the pulse with what is going on with your team.

Here are tips for getting your team members excited about coming to your meetings and webinars!

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Increasing Attendance and Participation on Webinars

Send Out Reminder Texts

Send reminder texts or phone calls to as many of the invitees as possible, and recommend that they attend. If you can include the link in the text so they can just tap when it is time – even better!

Telephone follow-up dramatically increases business meeting attendance. Be sure to talk about the upcoming event at other business events.

Word of mouth is still the best way to create a buzz.

Keep It Exciting

The goal is to make every meeting unique. Offer new activities, teach a new topic, introduce something new. 

A meeting that is fun and informative will have your team members leaving inspired AND excited to attend the next event!

Do a brainstorming session, and do your best to make sure every attendee walks away from the meeting with a task to do that very day to increase their business.

Include a guest speaker.

One successful way to increase attendance at business events is to bring popular guest speakers that are relevant to your industry.

If you are in skin care – consider having an aesthetician. If you are in health and wellness – consider having a nutritionist. You could even find a local blogger to discuss social media strategies!

Keep in mind that the attendance of your event is related to the quality of previous events you have hosted.

Promote meetings via the web and other technology.

Post the event details on your team website. Send email reminders. Promote the meeting on your blog and monthly e-newsletter.

Just make sure to keep it in front of people so they do not “forget” to attend.

Promote events via social media.

Post public events to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and encourage your team members to do the same. 

This way you reach beyond your peer network and expand your guest list.

Make sure you also TALK about it on your Social Network – just sending invites is not enough.

Choose a convenient time and location.

True, you will never please EVERYONE in your team, but you can at least try. Talk about what day of the week is best and what time.

First and foremost though, always make sure the time works for YOU. 

Then use a software that is easily accessible – meaning they can log on via a computer, smartphone, or even by dialing in. My favorite is

Run a Contest

Just like how you can encourage your hostess to “bring friends” – instruct your team members to bring people who might be interested in the business opportunity. 

First hand experience of the opportunity and inclusion in the sisterhood is a great way to not only increase your meeting attendance, but also increase your recruiting experience. 

Focus on FUN!

Focus on the fun factor. If your team learns AND has fun at each meeting, you can almost bet they will attend every month.  Play games, make jokes, enjoy being together and build that sisterhood!

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