How To Book More Parties

Keeping a full calendar is critical to the success of your Home Party Plan Business. But how do you book up your calendar?

And once you have some bookings, how do you get people to continue to book so that you do not have to keep going out Gardening over… and over… and over!?!

How To Book More Parties

Home Parties are the lifeline of the Party Plan Industry, and though there are all kinds of other ways to run your business – Catalog Parties, One on One Consultations, Expos and Events, etc – nothing is going to get you achieving your goals faster than doing an in-home party.

Whether you are a brand new consultant or a seasoned leader, we all need to have a consistent stream of parties in order to make our businesses truly successful.

Here are some tips for Booking Parties from Parties AND Booking Parties from Scratch.  This is a live Webinar from the Party Plan Divas Membership.


The Party Bank

Also, check out how to use a Party Bank to keep your calendar full year round!  You can easily make one using a binder with tabbed dividers, or order one from the Party Plan Divas Shoppe!

Check out the video on how to use the Party Bank here:

For more tips on Booking Parties, you can check out the Free Facebook Community from Party Plan Divas. 

For more training like this one, as well as an extensive Video and Template Library full of the hottest new training for today’s Party Plan Industry join Party Plan Divas today!

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9 thoughts on “How To Book More Parties”

  1. In your call you said to ask yourself, ‘would you want to book a party with you?’, and if not, then it’s time to up the stakes. So glad to have had that advice! I decided to offer something that I think would entice me, and I immediately started getting inquiries into booking parties!!

    Will the stakes always be so high…maybe, maybe not! But at least I’m off to a running start. Now I’m ready the party presentation call ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love PPD!!


  2. Thank you Lindsey for sharing this info! Even a seasoned consultant can use a refresher on these core topics.

  3. Dylan Chumleigh

    More bookings are utmost essential. Bookings are the lifeblood of your business. And it is true, if you are not booking parties, than it is safe to assume that you are not getting your products in front of people consistently. This means that you are likely not experiencing very many sales. To have a successful party plan business, you have toโ€ฆwell, party.

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