How To Make A Booking Prize Wheel

When it comes to vendor events I am asked all the time what the best way is to book parties AT the event.

Sure you can do follow up and get great bookings that way – but how can you entice people to want to book a party right then – so you leave every event with a full calendar?

Here is my favorite Booking Tool that I used for years at all of my vendor events that you can make for around $30 with products found at your local discount store.

How To Make A Booking Prize Wheel

How To Make A Booking Prize Wheel

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DIY Party Booking Prize Wheel

Supply List:

  • Twister Game
  • Your product catalog or flyer
  • Construction Paper
  • Regular or double sided tape
  • Clear packing tape
  • Scissors
  • Printer or Markers
  • Ink pen

Begin by cutting out images of your favorite products from your catalog – as close to the same size as the colored circles on the Twister Spinner. Do not worry if they are a little too large or too small – I promise no one will notice. 🙂

Choose products that are great – but at a price point that you can offer for a giveaway. Using a small piece of tape on the back, place each image over a colored circle.

Next, cut a large circle of construction paper to go in the center of the spinner – large enough to cover but not overlap the product images. (I used a small plate to trace a perfect circle) 

Using tape on the back, secure the construction paper to the spinner.

Then using either markers or your computer printer, add in four additional bonuses where the hand/foot actions were.

You can also add in pretty stickers, swirlies, or other festive decorations to make it more appealing.

Cover the entire spinner with strips of packing tape – laying the strips side by side to not overlap – you want it to be as flat as possible so that the spinner will easily spin around.

Lastly, press the ink pen through the center  hole, and securely fasten the plastic spinner.


You have a pretty, inexpensive Booking Prize Wheel which will last for years to come!

How To Make A Booking Prize Wheel
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73 thoughts on “How To Make A Booking Prize Wheel”

  1. Julie Merrill

    I would love to use this at my vendor events to schedule BeautiControl spa parties!!

  2. I will be using the twister game turned into an oil bingo game for doTERRA oil classes.

  3. NYR Organic Certified skin/ body care, essential oils, essential oils, supplements, mom and baby, books and so much more. This will be fantastic for vendor events or at home pampering events too. Such a clever idea. Why reinvent the wheel when all you have to do is cover it. 🙂

  4. Love this idea – I’d even use a circle punch to create a cohesive look when making mine I think – but I LOVE this idea and so easy to pack without a bulky thing to bring in and out of parties! LOVE IT!

  5. Patty Santamaria

    This looks cute!!! I’m with Perfectly Posh and I want one…or make one 😉

  6. Kelly Nestler

    Thank you so much for this AWESOME idea!! This can work great with my Origami Owl jewelry!

  7. I would definitely use this more for my Avon business. I do a lot of get together parties and this would be fun to at to my other games

  8. This is a fabulous idea! You could possibly find a used game at Goodwill too! I’m going to keep my eyes peeled!

  9. What a great idea! I would love to use this at vendor events and Daisy Blue spa parties!

  10. I’m doing a few vendor events this summer to book mire passion parties. I’d like to use this to get more divas interested in my business.

  11. Jennifer Faulkenberry

    Celebrating Home, I will be using this for a very large vendor event that I will be doing in June. There is an attendance of 80,000. So hoping to really get my name out there. Thanks for the step by step instructions!

  12. This is an awesome idea and I would love to use this for my thirty-one parties!

  13. Karen Dunbrack

    I would LOVE to do this at my parties. I think it would really help with bookings. I think this idea is just the coolest !!!!

  14. This looks like fun!!! Who doesn’t like spin the wheel! I am going to use this for my Origami owl Jewelry Bars and send a link to my friend who does Posh Parties! Laurie

  15. Renae Milburn

    Lindsey, you always come up with Awesome idea’s girl. I will be using this for vendors events!! love it.

  16. Renae Milburn

    Lindsey, I have done all 3. somehow. tweet, pinterest is not showing up. it’s on my pages you can look and confirm. diamondsrenae twitter account and type Renae milburn pinterest. you will see it. Thank you.

  17. DeAnne McKinsey

    Lynsey, this is a brilliant idea and was wracking my brain on how to get a smaller spinner that I could carry in my bag. I am with Passion Parties and this is just awesome! I could even use this for vendor events…exactly why I love this site!!!!

  18. Would love to have this and use at Daisy Blue Naturals parties!! Guests would have so much fun!

  19. I would make this a challenge wheel. I want people to not be able to leave my party or skin care class without the chance to spin the wheel. It is so much more fun to win a prize than to just be handed a giveaway.

  20. Thank you for these great tips! I just started as a Clever Container Consultant and have been looking for fun ways to book parties.

  21. Jeanine Williams

    I’m a Pink Zebra independent consultant and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Just signed up for this site and it already has paid for itself!

  22. Amanda Gordon

    I so want this!! So neat! I was in process of having kiddos help make creative things this summer!! This would be a great example to show my kids!!

  23. Melissa Krpal

    This is SO cute! I think my Athena’s Home Novelty party goers would love this addition! Time to get crafty! ^_^

  24. Susan Lippman

    Would love to use this at all of my events; not only vendor shows. What a great way to get people to interact and participate even at a home party. Good luck to all.

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