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A few weeks ago John Maxwell and Nick Vujicic came to Pensacola to speak at our local civic center.

Since Mike and I own the coffee shop inside, I was super excited to get to attend this event and see one of my long time motivational heroes live on stage.

It was one of our busiest events of the year – but every chance I got to scoot in to watch them talk I did.

Even in those few sporadic moments that I was able to watch, John and Nick had so much wisdom and so much knowledge, I was inspired time and time again.

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John Maxwell is an internationally respected leadership expert, speaker, trainer, coach and author, whose philosophy is: “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”  

For over 40 years, John has been teaching people to answer their call to lead, to add value and make a difference.

I actually laughed out loud when he talked about how “easy” it was for him to be up one stage. “Do you want to know why? Because I have done it TWELVE THOUSAND TIMES. Twelve thousand. That is why I am good.” 

As someone who travels to speak at conferences and conventions, I can only pray that some day I will be able to say I am good because I have done it twelve thousand times. 😉  .

Nick Vujicic was absolutely incredible – giving us a whole new perspective on obstacles and challenges we face daily.

Without any medical explanation, Nick was born in 1982 in Melbourne, Australia, without arms and legs. He struggled for years with “why me – why this” but through faith and love decided to use his enormous obstacles for good.

Since he began speaking at age 19, Nick has traveled around the world, sharing his story with millions, sometimes in stadiums filled to capacity, speaking to a range of diverse groups such as students, teachers, young people, business professionals and church congregations of all sizes. Today this dynamic young evangelist has accomplished more than most people achieve in a lifetime.

He’s an author, musician, actor, and his hobbies include fishing, painting and swimming.  .

I was frantically taking notes on my iPhone every time I walked in there – and the very first one was “You must always be growing. Always. Growth is happiness.” 

I have always said I was an “eternal student” – wanting to soak up every bit of knowledge I could (even though I wasn’t a big fan of school, I was always a fan of learning) so when I saw the table with books for sale – I knew I had to have them.

And then – I knew you had to have them too. I am super excited to be offering one lucky Diva this set of books from John Maxwell Live.

john maxwell giveaway

I am about half way through the first book, and I for sure have to add it to my Top Ten Books For Direct Sellers.

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34 thoughts on “John Maxwell Leadership Books”

  1. This has always been a motivational quote for me: “Either I will find a way, or I will make one.” – Philip Sidney

    It’s about overcoming hurdles, and creatively thinking outside the box. We do it every day, we should do it in our business as well!

  2. Barbara Blankenship

    What an awesome gift, I would love to win the books, to read and then with my team and other direct sales friends as well.

  3. Thank you for posting your top 10. I haven’t read any of these, so which one do you recommend starting with? I have to check my local library to see if these are in the system, so obviously that will decide which ones I read 1st. But if I do have to purchase all 10, which one would you say buy 1st, 2nd, etc?

  4. Nicole Lancaster

    My favorite inspirational quote that keeps me motivated is “Your Life Is A Message To The World, Make Sure it’s Inspiring! “

  5. Kristi Knight

    1.Character is what you are in the dark. 2.Your mind is a dangerous play ground, don’t hang out there.

  6. Love being able to grow not only as a leader but as a person. Love the quote, without vp changeovers word be no butterfly’s.

  7. Maggie Anders

    Well i really dont have a fave quote yet… i am just getting started and i could really use these awesome books for inspiration. 😀

  8. I LOVE both of these guys!!! I actually saw John C. Maxwell on tv talking about the book today and added it to my wish list!

  9. On my first day of high school, our Principal told us a quote that has stuck with me to this day (MANY years later!!) – “if it is to be, it is up to me”. And how true that turned out to be!!

  10. I want to read this author’s book! I have fallen as well as, having had many a failures. I’ve asked God so many times, “Why me/” after all my bad luck. But I have come to realize that I am not alone. there are worse off than myself out there. God has a plan for me and my failures have only made me stronger.

  11. Samantha Berube

    Loved seeing these two great leaders! Would love to add to what I learned by reading these books.

  12. Richetta Blackmon

    My favorite Motivational Quote is ““Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou

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