A Lesson From Around The World

Tonight I went to our “Wednesday Night Supper” at church. I normally do not go on Wednesday nights, but tonight something just told me that tonight I needed to go. I am glad I did – I learned an incredible lesson.

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What Goals Really Are

Because it was Wednesday night they don’t have the typical “service”, so tonight they had a missionary from Jordan who is doing some pretty amazing things over in the Middle East for Christianity. 

Regardless of your religion, it is pretty amazing when you think of these people who are going to these countries to teach what they believe under such dangerous circumstances.

I sat in awe as he showed pictures of Baptist churches and schools being built in war-stricken areas of Iraq and surrounding countries… just amazing to see the pictures and think of what they are having to risk to do those kinds of things over there.

But that wasn’t what really struck me.  This gentleman (I can not pronounce, much less attempt to spell his name) was from Jordan and was probably in his late 50s. 

He had come to the US for the first time in 1984, which is also when he learned to speak English.  He had a very thick accent, but you could understand him clearly.

What I loved though, was how he used the English language.

As he spoke, he explained the new land they had purchased, and the new churches and schools they were designed to build.

Instead of what we would typically say about our goals or intentions though, he would say “My heart is to finish by August” or “Our heart is to have 250 students enrolled.”

His interpretation of our “goal” was his “heart” – and how true is that!?

Think of the goals you have set for yourself that you have followed all the way through and accomplished successfully?  What was different from the ones you didn’t achieve? 

I am willing to bet – your HEART wasn’t really into it.  You may have WANTED it, but you weren’t committed to it.  It wasn’t in your heart.

So today as you think about your daily goals, ask yourself – Is your heart really into it? And, if you didn’t reach a goal… don’t continue to beat yourself up over it. 

It wasn’t your fault that you failed.  Your heart just wasn’t into it. Decide if it is still what you want, and if so, resolve to work from your heart – not your head – to achieve that goal.

My heart is to work with women I can help become successful.  My heart is to be someone that people come to when they need a pick-me-up, or a little reassurance when their business (or life!) gets them down. 

My heart is to provide a community for women who are in our industry to have a place they truly fit in, are understood, supported and respected. 

My heart is that everyone reading this succeeds in everything they put their heart into because they absolutely deserve it.

What is your heart?

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