Do you love jewelry? Do you think every outfit deserves its very own set of jewelry to match? Do you want to be able to fill your jewelry box without having to break the bank and teach other women to do the same? Then Paparazzi Accessories may be the company for you! Paparazzi exploded on the direct sales scene with their “$5.00 Jewelry” and has broken records all of the industry. Paparazzi Accessories affords every woman the opportunity to feel beautiful without spending a million bucks. They know that wearing a new look and feeling confident in your appearance, builds amazing self-worth. Paparazzi has a passion for inspiring dreams, empowering talents, and reaching goals by sharing their products and the excitement of Paparazzi. Best of all, the jewelry is nickel and lead-free!

You can get started as an Independent Paparazzi Consultant with the purchase of one of their three starter kits ranging from $99 to $99 – all of which include products and business tools you need to grow your business. There is no cost to have your very own online website, and you can run your business online, doing in home parties, participating in vendor fairs, fundraisers, and more!  Paparazzi now even carries jewelry and accessories for men and children too!

Independent Paparazzi Consultant Regina Bell absolutely loves her business! Check out what she had to say:

I am so in love with my Paparazzi business! I’ve never found something as fun and affordable for everyone before! Since our jewelry is all just $5, it practically sells itself! It’s also lead and nickel free. Our selection is ever changing so you can always find something new and stylish! I’m so excited about my future with Paparazzi and would love to have you come grow with me and this amazing opportunity!

There’s a new line coming October 2nd that will give people an option to purchase $25 necklace and earring sets that will knock your socks off! While we will always primarily be about Fab, Fun, $5 jewelry and accessories this will open the market to people who are looking for higher end pieces. These are pieces that similar jewelry sells for much more!

You can learn all about how you can get involved with Paparazzi by visiting Regina’s website and be sure to also connect with her in her exclusive Facebook Group and on Twitter and Pinterest!