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In our industry, we know first impressions are everything. From the way you approach new customers, to the way you appear on social media, to the way you show your products; how you present yourself and your business are crucial to your success.

Stack Displays are one of my all-time favorite tools for direct sales consultants because they are functional, economical, and professional. No matter what your products, there is a Stack Display that is the perfect match for you.

stack displays

I have used Stack Displays – in pink and black of course – for years. When I was doing parties I used them to show off my products, and now I use the exact same ones to display my Diva Success System Planners and Wall Calendars at my speaking events.

The same set I ordered over two years ago still look shiny and new even after being used dozens of times.

They are super easy to assemble and sturdy enough to carry from show to show.

They are also a great way to organize your home office and keep items you use often within easy reach.

stack displays pink

Recently Stack Displays began offering a super cool new accessory – a business card holder that sticks right to the front of your display! This is a great addition for vendor tables or to leave a professional looking display in a local store front.

With over 20 different color and print variations, you are sure to find the perfect Stack Display for you!

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64 thoughts on “Stack Displays Review”

  1. Christina Nuckles

    This would have helped keep my cards from blowing away at sidewalk show presentation and displayed my little items so they didn’t get “lost.” totally want!!!

  2. I love the idea of having a business card holder attached to the front of the display. I also like the huge variety of colors they have.

  3. I LOVE the built in business card holder. I would use these at the upcoming Sustainable Living Fair. They are so professional looking and the built-in business card holder helps free up space on my display table and make it look even more professional.

  4. I’m just getting started in my direct sales business and would love to have these for my displays!

  5. I would use the Stack Displays to show case my Athena’s Home Novelty and Heavenly Goddess products! They would be perfect as one could display the “softer side” of my company (Heavenly Goddess) and the other could show case some of the more “risque adult products” (Athena’s HN products)!

  6. Just started with Younique. Though it is virtually an online business, I would like to do home parties for people, as well as start doing some events. It’s always fun for women to connect and have a little makeover fun at any age! These Stack Displays would be great to display my Younique products at parties or events! Also love that a business card holder is attached to the front, if people don’t have time at an event to stop and talk, they can just grab a card and contact you when it’s convenient for them.

  7. Mischella Colbert

    I would use these displays at my vendor events and at my work place to display my product and Jafra Sales items. This is great… I do alot of vendor events and this looks so classy…

  8. Michelle Missal

    I love mine! I use for Wildtree and Jewelry In Candles and when I do an event with my boutique I take mine to put bows and headbands on!

  9. Robin Burleson

    I use Stack Displays to show BeautiControl products. They are sturdy and very professional looking. People are always noticing them, especially now that there’s an attached business card holder– thanks for the new feature!!

  10. Dawn Marie Papson

    these are perfect and exactly what I need for all my vendor shows. season is getting underway and the colors are perfect with my pink and white tent for Thirty-One! I use covered boxes now.

  11. Clara Collymore

    Stack Displays are awesome! I’m a distributor with It Works Global and a few people on my team use stack displays. They make vendor tables look very professional and well organized in a beautiful way!

  12. I LOVE Stack Displays! I would use these for my display at events and parties! They make your table less crowded but give you more room. I have 2 of these but could definitely use a couple more since I now use 2 tables at events if possible. The business card holders are super handy & cool too!

  13. Our pepper sprays would look awesome in your displays. They would showcase them beautifully!

  14. i would use it for my perfectly posh inventory! I love the different levels and that their pink!! So perfect to catch the eye.

  15. I would use it at my Younique Makeup Madness parties and events to save space in my SMALL space 🙂 The business card holder makes it even more efficient, love it!

  16. I would use them to display my pink papaya body butters from the sexy collection! I wish I’d had them last weekend for my vendor table at a festival!!

  17. Stephanie Parham

    I would use them to display my JIC candles and tarts! I have always wanted one of these! 🙂

  18. Barbara Blankenship

    These would be a great addition to my display table, I love the different color options.

  19. DeAnne McKinsey

    These would really be handy for almost anything – but my Passion Parties Lotions & Potions would look lovely on these, instead of placed onto a table…

  20. Since I use cardboard boxes now this would make a great addition to my display table. Would be thrilled to have one they are so pretty!

  21. These would be great to display my nail lacquers and hand care products at vendor events and fundraisers! I love that there is a space for business cards that is attached!

  22. I would love to use this with my new Plexus business!

    I love that it has a business card holder attached – how convenient!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win!


  23. I’m with Jamberry & these displays would be awesome to display lacquers, heaters, application kits & a whole lot more!

  24. I absolutely LOVE these displays with business card holder. I’m with Pure Romance and I’m a stickler for a clean, fresh, and inviting display table! This is display feeds my OCD while still being practical!!! Love love love it!

  25. Courtney Cates

    I would use it with my makeup company, Sexy Kitten Cosmetics! This display with the business card attachment is awesome! The first I’ve seen of it’s kind! #LoveIt!

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