Go ‘All In’ in 2010!

I am so excited to finally announce our theme for the New Year.  Each year Party Plan Divas chooses a “theme” for the year to help keep us focused and motivated.  This year I took a tip from Mike, my loving beau, who is an avid poker player.  His meaning behind going “All In” on the poker table made me think so much of our industry.  You may not always have the “perfect hand” or “pocket Aces” - but you believe you have a winning hand, and with persistence and confidence, you may just get lucky “on the River.”

Poker terminology may as well be another language. With all of the talks of “big blinds” and “buttons” and “bubbles” – it can sound like complete jibberish to someone who has never played the game.  Likewise to the Party Plan Industry “Hostess Coaching” and “Booking Games” tends to get that deer-in-headlights look from most anyone who has never been in the industry.  But to those of us “in the know” we can all understand, sympathize and celebrate with one another over these “terms” just like in the poker community.

Though Mike believes that I hate when he plays poker (which is often, so he does get the eye roll a lot when I see it up on the computer screen Mikepoker2or he is heading out to Biloxi – like in this picture) but the truth is I absolutely love watching the game, and watching the strategy and intensity of it all.  Good poker is an art, a skill. It takes way more thought to play and win than we probably give it credit.

Going “All In in 2010″ is about being fully present.  It is about not being 110% confident that you will win, but putting it all out there to chance.  It is about using what you know, using a strategy for success, and trusting your own voice when push comes to shove.  It is about being fearless and willing to risk it all to win it all.  It is about realizing that life is a game of chance that we all play, and those of us who are willing to “Go All In” with our business and our life are those who will end up at the top of our game.

So this year I chose our theme “Go ‘All In’ for 2010″ because I challenge all of you to Go “All In” with your business, and your life. Unlike poker, in the game of life, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.  Trust in yourself, trust in your “hand”, and go ALL IN!  Who knows… you may just get lucky “On The River”!


  1. I think this is a great post and like many say, “Some play to win, some play to survive.” This concept works the same especially in the Party Plan Industry. If you play (work your business) only to have minimal losses, then there is no doubt you will only see and gain minimal wins.

    Often in poker, it is hard to explain that what someone is doing is not the best way to play, because they still have small wins. This also applies to the Party Plan Business. They may say “Hey it works for me” but they are limiting their opportunity. There is no ‘right way’ to play, but there is optimal strategy to use and when you put yourself out there in the “best spot”, you will notice that when you win, your wins are more then minimal.

  2. What a theme! I love it! I am totally going all in with my blog too ! I can’t wait to see what is in store for the party plan coaches!

  3. I like that and am planning that for myself going into next year.

  4. Great idea! :) Props to your beau! lol ;) Can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2010!

  5. This is how I feel with my blog, it’s my business so I feel that to step it up this year I need to go all in

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