Build a Business Blog – Content Inspiration

The most common question from most beginning bloggers is “What will I write about?”

Sure you will be sharing information about your products, host program, and business opportunity, but you also want to share other great content that your readers will want to keep coming back for!

No one wants to read advertisements every day, and your blog is where you readers near and far will come to really get to know, like, and trust you.

Still, if you are struggling to push past writer’s block, here are some ideas for Content Inspiration:

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Carry A Notebook

and a pen. Or even a SmartPhone! Inspiration can strike in the strangest of places and nearly always when you are without a laptop or computer! Pull out your notebook (or app) and save that great topic for when you get home.

Where To Find Blogging Inspiration

Expect to find ideas in every aspect of your life from children to products you love to vacations. Seek out fun new activities (and blog them!) 

Offline Sources For Content Inspiration

  1. Trending News Stories. Great for industry news or upcoming announcements
  2. Contents page of a book. Seriously! Check out some bio’s or industry-related books for great inspiration.
  3. Daily inspiration. What is happening around you?
  4. 10 questions everybody asks you about your business or product – blog them!
  5. 10 questions everybody should ask you – Enlighten them!
  6. Latest celebrity trends. How can you create the look in person / at home?
  7. Stuff you read. What’s your opinion? Do you agree or disagree?
  8. Problems encountered. Don’t you hate it when…
  9. Write a list post. Short, sweet and concise.
  10. Answer a question. Yes, that simple!
  11. Write a review. What’s your favorite can’t-live-without product?
  12. Write a tip post. How to wear / How to do / How to look / How to style / How to join…
  13. Tell a story. YOUR story! How you got to where you are.
  14. Blogosphere news.  What’s happening out there?
  15. Write a Top 10 list. Or 2.
  16. An event you’ve attended. Been to a Conference? Or an Expo?  Maybe a Product Launch? Blog it!
  17. Interview someone. Authors, actors, artists, bloggers, business owners – people love reading other peoples ideas!
  18. Write a success story. Have you lost weight? Quit smoking? Signed a new Team Member? Had a $1,000 party? Promote achievements!
  19. Spotlight a special occasion. Celebrate!

One of the best ways to make for great homepage content and get people involved are photos!

Here are some picture prompt ideas to get your next post off the ground all while sharing something about you.

  1. Take a picture of your demo kit – share what is in it and why.
  2. Open up your makeup bins, drawers, and baskets.
  3. Find the most organized part of your home and share how you keep it that way.
  4. Share your top favorite or top worst outfits in your closet.
  5. Share the oldest piece of technology in your home (tv, radio, boom box, etc).
  6. Share how many movies you own (or CDs).
  7. Take a picture of your children’s stuffed animal collections.
  8. Share your garden.
  9. Share your office desk.
  10. Show a picture of your fridge and all the artwork.

These are ways for your audience to get to know a bit of your personality and offer some real content to your pages!

Having writer’s block? Write about your business! Pick one of these ideas to get going:

  1.  Write about how you got into direct sales.
  2.  Write your top 10 reasons for doing direct sales.
  3.  What are some of your best lessons you have learned from owning your own business?
  4.  How do your online friends compare with your offline friends?
  5.  Does your family support your direct sales life?
  6.  A day in the life of a direct sales professional schedule.
  7.  Write about your most visited posts and link to them. (you can see what they are in your google analytics!) 
  8.  How does your direct sales business compare to a corporate job?
  9.  Do a round-up of your favorite blog posts of the year.
  10.  Interview your favorite direct sales leader.

  Or just be totally random…

  1.  “If I were a superhero…”
  2.  “If I could tell myself one thing as a kid it would be…”
  3.  “When I was in high school, I was such a ……….”
  4.  “My kids are the reason that……….”
  5.  “My spouse is always…..”
  6.  “One time one of my pets was………..”
  7.  “The last time I went on vacation, I really thought that ………..”
  8.  “Sometimes my parents are so ……………..”
  9.  ” My best friend and I could…………”
  10.  ” If I could go anywhere right now it would be to…………”


Sit down and brainstorm as many ideas as you can for topics to write about. Write them in your planner or keep a note on your Smart Phone – just make sure you keep that list somewhere you can refer to it every time you blog!

Then, write a great post using everything you have learned – and come share it in the PartyPlanDivas community!

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