Perfectly Posh

What happens when you take spa quality skin care, give it super funny, punny names, and package it in fun, bright packaging that looks absolutely irresistible?! You get Perfectly Posh – one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the direct sales industry today!

With tens of thousands of Independent Posh Consultants like Julie Merrill leading a mission to help women slow down and pamper themselves with delicious, fun, made in the USA products it is no wonder Perfectly Posh is breaking industry records all over the board.


Independent Perfectly Posh Consultant Julie Merrill sent in the Posh To Meet You Bundle for inclusion in the 2016 Diva Holiday Gift Guide!

This is the absolute perfect set to introduce you to this wonderful company – but it is also an absolutely perfect holiday gift collection too!

The Posh To Meet You Bundle includes three of their top selling products – the Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream, A Lip Balm and a Perfectly Posh Chunk Bath Bar.

Now you can even choose exactly which of the three you want to receive! Julie sent me the Hello Sweetie Sweet and Sunny Sugared Vanilla Hand cream (I smell like a cookie… and I lllloooovvveee it!) and the Spawesome Chunk – which is probably the most refreshing body bar ever!

The mint and eucalyptus help you wake up in the morning and hit the ground ready to go! My teenager swiped the One Smart Cookie Lip Balm because it smelled so good and she said “it just fits her.” I have to agree.


Perfectly Posh can be purchased online or through Julie, and they even offer a Perks Program that rewards you with discounts and exclusive products for just the Perks Members!

You can host a Spa Pampering Party with your friends and family to earn even more, or you can join the Mission of Pampering a join Julie’s team and build your business by helping women to simply slow down and take time for themselves – something very few of us really do!

Check out Julie’s website to learn all about how you can get involved with Perfectly Posh!