Top Ten Tuesday – Direct Sales Leadership Basics

You do not have to wait until you “know everything” before you begin Sponsoring a team – in fact, you SHOULDN’T! If you have a potential Consultant at your very first party, do not hesitate to start building your team! You can learn TOGETHER! Here is a “Top 10″ list for the first 11 things to do with your New Recruit.

Direct Sales Leadership Basics 101

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1. Get her signed up!
A No-brainer, right? Make sure to get her Consultant Number and Password, you may need this information to give to her later.

Start a file for her.

You will keep all of her information in this file, including her goals, recognition, etc.

2. Schedule 6 Week Coaching Calls
The 6 Weeks to Success Coaching Calls can be found in The Diva Success  System.

Each packet has the complete call schedule, forms, homework, and training you will need for each new consultant.

Simply print off a new booklet for each new Consultant you recruit.

Get her started on the right track by beginning these calls on her first week as a new Consultant.

3. Team YahooGroup
Yahoo has provided an amazing free service called YahooGroups!

You can access them at

Your Sponsor may already have a group for your team, but you will also want to start one for your own team.

Yahoogroups are an open discussion forum that also has features such as photos, files, databases, and links for you to use and share with your team.

Be sure to get your new Recruit on the appropriate YahooGroups right away.

4. Help Choose Business Name

If your company allows, you want to choose a Business Name right away.

A Business Name should be easily remembered and tell a little bit about your product or industry.

If your company allows, you can also purchase a domain name for forwarding to give your business its own .com!

Branding your business is incredibly important for Customer Loyalty – they may not remember your name, but if you have a cute catchy business name, they will remember that and be able to find you in the future!

Direct Sales Leadership Basics

5. Help Set Up Website
Setting up a shopping cart for easy online shopping from the beginning!

Show her how to set up online specials, create a mailing list, etc.

If your Company provides as website, show her the features that are offered to maximize her web order capabilities.

6. Order Business Cards, Stamp, etc
Just like you did in Week 1 of The Diva Success System, show your new recruit how to use for all of her business cards and other marketing materials.

Make sure to sign her up on their mailing list so that she will get all of the specials they offer!

7. Help Placing First Order
Help your new Recruit with her first order – or even create a mock order to explain the ordering process in your back office.

Make sure if your company has a minimum first order that you meet those requirements.

Make sure she understands how to group products together for discounts (if offered by your company), how the shipping structure works, minimum orders, etc.

8. Explain Any Beginning Business Incentives Your Company Offers
Help her set her first 3 month goals either around your company suggested program, or by designing your own.

Many companies have a “Fast Track For Success” style program for getting her business started with a bang!

If you had a Kick Off Party for her, explain how to use her first parties to reach these goals.

9. The Diva Success System 90 Day Action Plan
In order to help her achieve her goals – you have to know where she wants to go!

The Diva Success System 90 Day Action Plan is a simple fill in the blank document you can do together over a cup of coffee.

Pay very close attention to your new recruit during this process!

Also it will tell you how involved she wants you to be!

10. Take Her To A Party If Possible
If your new Recruit is local, see about taking her to one of your next parties.

Shadowing is the best training for parties, as every party will have its own “personality”.

Showing her a “hands on” training will do more than anything you tell her.

One of the best things you can do as a Party Plan Leader is to LISTEN, and STAY POSITIVE.

Attitude is contagious – whether good or bad!

There is no such thing as a “Party Emergency,” and a negative attitude is the #1 thing that will discourage a new Recruit.

DO NOT be her reason for failure.

Direct Sales Leadership Basics

This business has its ups and downs – what you focus on will be what you receive more of!!

Direct Sales Leadership Basics

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