QR Codes for Party Plan Success

QR Codes for Party Plan Success

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QR Codes for Party Plan Success

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More and more I have been seeing these little images pop up, on websites, blogs, and business cards.  Even last night while I was at BestBuy picking out a new refrigerator, I noticed each appliance now sports one of these little guys.  So what are they?

QR Codes were originally created for tracking parts in automobile manufacturing, but they have caught on quickly and are now being used for everything from marketing, information sharing, and customer care.   Simply put, you can scan a QR Code with your Smartphone or other device, and you will be directed to whatever site that QR code is linked to.

On my iPhone I use QRReader, available free from the App Store.  QRDroid gets great reviews from the Android market, and QRCode Scanner Pro for Blackberry users.  Once you download the app, simply launch the application, scan the bar code, and you will be quickly routed to the website linked to that code. Check out a few of ours:

QR Codes for Party Plan Success
QR Codes for Party Plan Success
QR Codes for Party Plan Success

You can create your own QR Code at qrcode.kaywa.com and get started using your Codes right away!

QR Code ideas:

Create a QR Code for your Facebook Fan Page and put on your business cards to get more Fans!

Create a “hidden” Blog Post specifically for your “VIP” Customers with special deals or a special discount code and create a QR code directly to that post.  Then share that QR code in your Constant Contact email, via text message, etc.

Create a QR Code for your Opportunity Page on your website, and use on VistaPrint Recruiting Cards.

What else can you think of?

QR Codes for Party Plan Success
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7 thoughts on “QR Codes for Party Plan Success”

  1. Lynsey –

    My husband created these QR codes for us, just last week.

    Now I just need to put them on my business cards, postcards, etc.

    Thank you for telling us how to incorporate these into our businesses!


  2. Lynsey-thanks so much for posting!!! I have been wondering to/where to create a code. Now I have one for my business.

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  4. Have been seeing QR codes pop up everywhere, but do you think people are really using them enough to make them worthwhile towards looking into?

  5. I think that they will continue to grow in popularity. After I saw them on the fridges as we were shopping the other day, it really made me think more “out of the box” about what all they could be used for. I think since it is such a simple little tool, it will become more and more common.

  6. Missy @ Jpegs2joy

    I must be doing something wrong because I can’t seem to get this to work. I got the app on my IPhone, and it will launch…but then it just drops off. One of these codes is now on our July mini catalog, so I want to join in!

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