Introducing The 30 Days of Faves Blog Party

The 30 Days of Faves Blog Party is a way for Home Party Plan Consultants to showcase their favorite products and learn new ideas and techniques for Product Demos, Party Presentations, and Sales!  Each day all of our Divas will post a Blog, Facebook, or YouTube of one of their favorite products from their own Home Party Plan Company.

Why A Blog Party?

In the “Blogosphere” of Mommy Blogging, Blog Parties are very common – but not so much in the Party Plan and Direct Sales market.  That is – until NOW! A Blog Party is a great way for you to make connections, build your brand, and meet new people – all from the comfort of your own computer.   The main focus of any Blog Party is simple – to form relationships.   In our industry, relationships are critical to the survival of our businesses – both for customers but also for SUPPORT!

Check out this video for a “demo” Demo! 🙂

How to party with us:

  • Read and comment on THIS post to be entered in the drawing for PRIZES. Prizes will be awarded AFTER the Blog Party closes.
  • If you have a blog, write a party post NOW introducing the 30 Days of Faves on your site and invite your readers to check it out too!  Include a Blog Button from the sidebar on the right.
  • Add your blog url, your facebook link, your YouTube link and/or your Twitter link  to the appropriate Mr. Linky below.  (will be live on June 1, 2011)
  • Visit tons of blogs, facebook pages, YouTubes and follow new twitter friends from the Mr. Linkies.  Say hello, introduce yourself, and tell your Sister Diva you are visiting from the 30 Days of Faves Blog Party. Start building friendships right away!

Get Started Now:

Invite your friends!  Put our Invitation Button on your sidebar and write a post inviting all your friends. Use the button codes in the sidebar to the right.

On June 1st, begin posting a daily “fave” highlighting one of your favorite products from your own home party plan company. You can include images, video, benefits, features, testimonials, and even a link to “buy now.”  Each day you will post another new product that is a “fave” and so on – for an ENTIRE MONTH!

Please be considerate of another and keep ALL of your party posts rated “G”. We recognize that “family friendly” is a subjective term, so we just ask you to use your best judgment. If, however, you see a post or site that contains nudity or vulgar language or images, please let us know.

During the month of June, keep the excitement going by Tweeting and Facebooking about the 30 Days of Faves Blog Party as well as your individual posts.  Use the hashag #30DaysOfFaves

Sign the Mr. Linky here at The Party Plan Coach

When your post is published, add the permalink of your party post to the Mr. Linky here at The Party Plan Coach in our 30 Days of Faves Blog Party Post.   The Blog Party will run for one month, from Wednesday,June 1, 2011 to Thursday June 30, 2011. Participating Divas will come back daily to add their new post url to the Mr Linky on this page.

Get out and PARTY! When the party starts on June 1st, search the Mr. Linky and check out fellow Divas posts to learn more about them and their products.  Be sure to leave a comment on each one, and let them know you came from the Party Plan Divas 30 Days of Faves Blog Party!  When you come back to add your link the next day, check out more Divas and comment on their posts, and so on.  🙂


1.  YOUR OPPORTUNITY CAN NOT BE ONE OF YOUR FAVES.   We have a STRICT no cross recruiting policy here at Party Plan Divas as we all believe it is incredibly tacky to try and recruit another Party Plan Consultant into your business when she is already with a company.  So, just so there is no confusion or issue, please keep this meme strictly to tangible (or digital, you know what I mean) products.

2. Please keep EVERYTHING Rated “G” This meme will be going out among the masses, and we want to make sure that we do not offend ANYONE in ANY WAY.  So please make sure that your post/product/video/demo is appropriate – even for children to watch.

3.  Please commit to the entire month.  I KNOW 30 days is a long time, and I have even struggled with getting 30 days worth of posts up (just ask Jan lol) but please – for me, for you, for your online presence, do not start if you cant finish.  The beauty of putting this on your blog of course is the ability to schedule posts – I suggest you do a few at a time, and schedule them out ahead of time.

That’s it!  let’s get ready to PARTY!

Put Your Intro Posts Here:

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286 thoughts on “Introducing The 30 Days of Faves Blog Party”

  1.  I think I can delete it from here, but it links to your main page – not the intro post.  Have you put up your intro/invite post about the Blog Party?

  2.  We have many Divas from the Adult Party Plan industry – they are just highlighting a the “milder” stuff.

  3. Paulasaardchit

    This sounds like a wonderful idea and lots of fun too.  I’m excited to participate. 

  4. ooops i accidentally put it twice. it gave me an error message the first time. said my image was too big, but posted it anyways. how do i remove the second one? so sorry about that.

  5. hmmmm. just seeing the whole rated “G” information. my business is definitely more adult oriented. may have to pass on this fun. 

  6. I think this is going to be fun!  You may regret my joining this challenge… do I get the invitation button on my sidebar??  LOL

  7. Paulasaardchit

    Hi Lynsey.  I think I did it correctly.  I’m with Bamboopink.  Let me know if I need to change anything.  This is such a great idea! 

  8. Kathrynkillough

    Lynsey, what is the best way to take a pic from the company web site and put it on my fb account? Then does any body know how to creat a fb for your business?
    Thanks ya’ll

  9.  Hey Kathy!  If you right click and “save as” you can take images off the HJ site. (I can also email you some that I have)  And on the Party Plan Divas Message Boards I have a complete “how to” for setting up a fan page for your Party Plan Business!  🙂

  10.  Hahaha no Missy it will be FUN!  For the side bar – just copy and paste the code that it beneath the button over —–> there LOL  into a widget (text widget) and it will appear.  Let me know if you need help with it 🙂

  11.  YAY Ann!!  And you MUST put that Hydra Lotion stuff that I am in love with!  BTW, need to order it this week – can I order JUST a bottle of that?  Will you email me the details?  🙂

  12.  Yay Tasha!!  This is going to be SO much fun!   Thanks for hopping into the party!

  13.  I did that, but the button is not showing up??  Somehow the Instagram pictures are showing up now…but I don’t know why and I can’t get any new pictures in there either.  So confused!  LOL

  14.  I get one to work, and two more get messed up! LOL  Not sure what happened to my FB picture now either??

  15.  LOL you have a coding error somewhere- I will look in just a sec… I am punching this planner for you now LOL

  16.  You must have done something because it’s all there now.  Thanks!    Watch out, Rachel is next!  She’s asking me for help so you are really in trouble!  LOL

    How do I get a picture in here?

  17. Hi Lynsey,
    I added this to my Facebook Fan page since I working on creating a blog! This should be very fun.  Oh yeah my name is Tierra Sosa and I am an Consultant with Touchstone Crystal-A member of the Swarovski Group. I found your fan page on Facebook as well. Can’t wait to see some Faves!!!

  18.  Hey Tierra!  Awesome!  I am so glad you hopped in!!  Ohhh crystals… this is going to be GREAT!

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  20. Im having trouble with the button. When I copy/paste it into my blog, it comes up blank. Any suggestions?

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  23. I will totally do this! Unfortunately, I am away from my computer until Tuesday, but as soon as I can get to a decent laptop, I’ll get stuff uploaded where it needs to be! Awesome idea Lynsey!

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  26. Michelle@ YourPhotoWorkshop

    My link didn’t show up right, but it’s linking back to my main blog page. You can delete it if you want me to try it again. I’m looking forward to the party!

  27. The Scent Peddler

    Woo Hoo Ladies…I’m looking forward to seeing all your faves!!  Roll on June 1st – roll on.  Have a scent-sational day!

  28. Christy Mossburg

    Lynsey, I am beyond delighted to find you and join this blog party! It’s just the kick in the pants that I needed to get back to my blogging. I am having trouble getting the button image to show up…I keep trying and it keeps NOT working, BUT if you click on my link it takes you to this page, so I guess it will be okay? I’ll keep playing around…
    Looking forward to sharing Stella & Dot with everyone! AND checking out everyone else’s fabulous businesses!

  29. Sooo fun! This is way out of my comfort zone! Can’t wait to party with all of y’all!

  30. Cathy Crochet Deere

    Hi Lynsey, I am so excited to participate in the Blog Party! I have been viewing your site for a while now and just today decided to join the other ladies. I LOVE your site, it is fun and so informative. This is a great idea to make connections with other Divas. I have also been thinking about opening a Chapter here in Louisiana. I will continue to look into it before I jump in and do it. I want to make SURE I know exactly what I will be doing. My goal is to be very successful with my business.

  31. Jennifer Beaver Stinson

    I’m excited about the blog party!!!  I’m working on getting posts done up so they are ready to post!!!  Can’t wait to pick out all 30 products and share them with everyone!!!  I only share 8-10 at a party…so I feel like I have so much space to work!!!

  32. Lydnsey, I’m New to the party plan biz; this should be fun and challenging…..I don’t have a blog but I have a facebook page to post to on a daily basis!!
    Have a great holiday weekend everyone  

  33. How exciting~ I have just started my blog so this is going to be a wonderful learning process for me and I can’t wait to share my favorite Just Jewelry items! I have already been checking out everyone else’s FB and blogs and all the diva’s are great and you can tell with each and every one of them they absoluetly love thier products and love what they do ~ Hope everyone is enjoying thier weekend ~

  34. Erika Anderson

    Lynsey, I finally figured out how to update the blog on my website.  I couldn’t figure out how to delete my previous linky.  Sorry for the duplicate!  You may delete the one that directs to my Facebook page ;0)

  35. Angela Nickoli

    Lynsey – I’m soo excited to be a part of this…it will finally motivate me to get my blog up and running. Is it possible for you to change my address from my facebook page to my blog address?

  36. Hey Angela! Sure – if you will just link up again, and let me know which # to delete, I will take care of it ! 🙂

  37. Angela Nickoli

    Great…I linked in again. If you could delete #28 that would be great! Thanks and I’m really excited to be a part of this.

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  39. Ivette Muller

    OK, count me in! Glad I can participate with my SendOutCards business. This should be very fun and interesting for a full 30 days! I’m so excited now that the process is simpler I can’t wait to share it with everyone!

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  41. Hey Aimee!! Welcome!! I love that you used that little owl as your pic – I have him and LOVE that piece!! Look forward to seeing more!! 🙂

  42. Hey Laurie! Welcome! A Facebook page will be great! Look forward to seeing your posts!! 🙂

  43. Hahaha Hey Jennifer! I agree – 30 is quite a stretch for many of our Divas, but this is going to be great! Look forward to seeing all of your Faves!

  44. Sharon Mayers

    Love Love this concept! I am so stoked about this! What a wonderful idea Lindsay! Going to post on my blog now!

  45. Lynsey…You have done it…AGAIN!!! This is going to be sooo much fun! I’ve posted this 411 on FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn moments ago so your turnout tomorrow should be amazing! I’ve already looked at a few nice sites! We’re going to have a ball getting to know each other’s products. Wooo hooo!!! Until tomorrow…

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  47. Thanks Diane!! This is going to be FUN!!! Thanks for your help spreading the word!

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  49. ThrivingTexasMama

    Ok so the sign up page was glitching and it didn’t act like it went through. Thats why there is two from me and it looks like it messed up on the entry before me too. SORRY!

    I am looking forward to this and to sharing some great products with you!!

  50. Hehehe no worries honey – this blog has been glitchy all night… praying it gets all of its issues out of the way before we go LIVE tomorrow! Woohoo! 😀

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  52. This is exciting! I hope I can figure it all out. 😉 I have so much to learn about using social media in my business so I figure this is a great start!

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  54. Angela Nickoli

    Lynsey –

    I have my blog ready, but I’m really confused as to what to do now. I’ve posted my favorite product on my blog. Where do I go now? Do I post is somewhere on this site or do I need to go to Mr. Linky? HELP!

  55. Hey Angela! Up where you linked up the first time, where it says “You’re Next, Click Here to Enter” – Click on that, and in that first box you want to put your name and the product you are showing off today. Then in the second box you will put the DIRECT link to get to that exact post. Then click save (or enter – whatever it is) and voila. You will have a little picture show up, with your name and product, and it will link directly to that blog post. 🙂

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  57. Oh wait – naturally they have changed it LOL The FIRST box is the direct link, second is the text to show up here, and then you either upload an image, or they will search for one from the link to grab an image. 😀 Sorry – they have changed it recently I guess!

  58. Hey Linsey, is there a way to change what post the pic goes to? I didn’t realize that it was what was going to be our first post. I wrote one just for my first one, but didn’t have it done when I signed up. Also will there be a new section to enter our post at tomorrow? Sorry for my ignorance, but its my first big party! WooHoo!

  59. I’m SO excited to participate and share Lemongrass Spa Products with everyone!! I have my first blog listed and live and others waiting in draft format!! SO excited!!

  60. Hey! We are going to keep this Linky going so that when people come to check it out, we have ALL of these fantastic products in one convenient place! 🙂 And yes, you can upload a different image each time if you want to!

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  63. The Scent Peddler

    Just a suggestion ladies but I think it will help tremendously if you start your new linky addition each day with Day 1, (Blog or Company Name) Day 2 etc. It sure would make it easier to know where we left off from the day before.

    Also, I would love to comment on everyone’s posts but in some cases the account options (Google Account, AIM etc), won’t allow for it without an actual account. I’m thinking of you in spirit though. LOL

    Have a scent-sational day!

  64. Angela Nickoli

    Lynsey –

    Thanks and it works. Everyone’s blogs look great. I’m going through them again tonight to leave comments and start my wish lists!

    This is a wonderful opportunity!!

  65. Shontel Littles

    So excited…never blogged before but I created one just for this…I’m ready to share

  66. Clarity Green

    I love this concept and wanted to say I started reading blogs today. So Earth Erotics Diva’s Page is superb – I highly recommend her site to EVERYONE! Great, healthy products to make your life happier and to help you have more fun! What could be better! Love you, Earith Erotics Diva!

    Clarity Green

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  68. Just did my VERY first blog post!!!! I’m so excited about this! Just posted my blog post above! This was just the push I needed to get a business blog going! Thanks Lynsey! <3
    My blog is brand new and "under construction", so please keep that in mind when viewing it. It has a ways to go! Can't wait for you all to see it's transformation!
    Warm wishes to all you Divas! 🙂
    Agena Hurrle
    My blog:

  69. Just posted my very first blog post! I’m so excited about this! My blog post is listed above. Please note that my blog is “under construction”. Can’t wait for you to see it’s transformation!
    Thank you Lynsey for this push! <3
    Warm wishes, Divas!
    Agena Hurrle

  70. Love the blog party! This a fantastic idea!!

    Just a quick comment…I noticed number #11 and #78 are the same person/same blog.

    Just thought I would point it out.

    Keep on blogging!

  71. LOL ok, so I posted my Day 1 on my site, went to mr. linky and posted another blog on this site? LOL I am SO Blonde.. 🙂 I did copy and paste this time, Lyns..

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  74. Posted my Day 1 Fave from Touchstone Crystal on my Facebook page. The page link is I hope this is what I was supposed to do!

    Can’t wait to see more of the Faves I am working on a Blog so hopefully I will be done before this is over! lol

  75. Earth Erotics Diva

    Ooops! Looks like I had my comments disabled on my blog 🙁 Boo! Well, tomorrow is another day!

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  77. Hey Tiffany, which picture? The one in the linky or the one next to your comments? The one in comments is controlled at – you sign up for an account and choose a thumbnail that will then show up on every blog you comment on 🙂 As for the Linky – I suggest uploading “from file” and using one on your hard drive, not one “from web” as it always picked a crummy one for me LOL

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  83. Erika Anderson

    Loving checking out everyone’s favorites. Some I had never heard of. Shelf Reliance – too cool! Will be posting Day 2 shortly. Summer colds at our house got me off schedule. Stay tuned!

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  86. HA! Ok. techy difficulties… tried to post before 12am.. only got part of image.. Lynsey, do u always have to have an image post?

  87. Erika Anderson

    Oops! Lynsey, if you see this, please delete my first Linky that directs to my main URL. Super-duper sorry!

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  102. Just wanted to say this IS and WAS and EXCELLENT IDEA!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

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  112. Wow this is so much fun! I love reading other blogs and discovering interesting products. Good job 🙂

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  115. HI Lyns.
    For some reason I can’t comment on 308’s site.. is it me or her site not letting comments go thru?

    Thanks, Jeannie

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  122. Hello Everyone! I am having a great time with the 30 Days of Faves. I end up posting my favorites late at night so I seem like I am off a day. BUT, today I posted it early and I am excited about that. I am so glad I decided to participate in this program, it has created a habit for me to blog every day.

    I have also been visiting other participates sites and there are so much I want. There is so many creative websites.


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  129. Hey Lynsey! The Linky Thing went crazy! It sent me a error message, so I’m not sure how it posted three times! Oops!

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  131. Hello everyone!
    I am trying to upload my profile picture and Linky is giving an error so I will post my Day 11 in the morning on Day 12. I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow.

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  137. So tonight the light bulb went off and I realized that I am suppose to post a link to my daily fave here, too! Now that I understand how the party works – I posted the last 10 days here all at once!!!! It has been so fun to see all your faves and I am enjoying the party!

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  146. Points of Joy is what sets our company apart from others. We provide global relief efforts with every order?

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  153. I am so not doing very well with this. With the time difference, I should be able to post them on the day they are due, but I have so much else going on I am struggling to keep up. I knew I should have written my blogs well before the start date!

    Still, I am having lots of fun!

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  185. Earth Erotics Diva

    I usually post my next fave around midnight, but I had to post #22 a couple of hours early. I have to be up at 5am, and will be gone until late in the evening. Hope that’s okay.

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  204. Earth Erotics Diva

    I’m kinda sad that there’s only 4 more days of the blog party. I’ve been enjoying learning about everyone’s favorites!

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  212. Intimate Whispers - All Things Adult

    What an amazing blog, I will be taking all my spare time and using it to go through this amazing wealth of input from some very outstanding people! Great job everyone !!! Thank you for sharing and all your time putting this together.
    Leeana – CEO
    Intimate Whispers

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  221. Ok, I don’t know what I was thinking but on #743 I wrote the wrong caption under my product. I put concealer and it is wet/dry. Just call me crazy, lol. Could you please change it for me. Thank you!

  222. Great job to EVERYONE! I have enjoyed watching and learning about all the products and companies that have been represented through this blogparty. Lynsey – thanks for putting all this together!!! Congrats to us all for finishing strong. Good work.

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