How To Work Direct Sales In To Your Summer

Direct Sales as a general rule slows down a quite a bit during the summer months. There is a myth in our industry that all business dies in the “months that start with J.” Often times it’s because direct sales representatives haven’t figured out how to juggle their own summer activities and still host shows.

It’s tough! It takes way more work during the summer to both enjoy your holiday and manage to run your business! Summer time is hectic whether you have kids in tow or just a long bucket list of activities you want to get done.

Here are some tips to help you work your direct sales business while still enjoying your Summer.

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Don’t Miss a Chance

If you’re a parent, you may not have as much interaction with the outside world since you’re not having to escort kids around various places. When you are out and about, don’t miss a chance to meet new people wherever you go. You’re missing out on golden opportunities to score more party bookings. Make sure to keep your Gardening Gifts on you at all times!

Start out small, make a point to smile and say hello to as many people as you can. Those conversations have a way to grow into something more. If you’re wearing or using your products everywhere you go, it leaves the door wide open for opportunities to get more parties booked.

Be sure to use as many marketing items as you can wherever you are. If you’re a big time shopper invest in bags with your company information on it and how they can reach you. I know many people who snap pictures of items of things that interest them on the go and go back to it when they have more time.

Use Social Media to The Fullest

Social media is a direct sales representatives best friend. Social media allows you to stay in touch with everyone and find new people to connect with that may be interested in your products. The biggest key is to remember to build relationships first. Be sure to check out our 5 Tips for Mastering Social Media.

Manage Your Time Wisely

This tip is really the most important of them all! Don’t let the chaotic of summer time slow down your business. Be sure that you work on what makes you money first in your day. Use the Diva Success System to get yourself on a schedule for how to focus on one profit producing task each day. Now is the time to start reaching out to everyone about booking parties in the fall. To help get people in the Christmas mindset, consider doing a Christmas in July event with your products – just like we are doing here at Party Plan Divas!!

Don’t let the summer season pass you by without making time for your family. In fact, encourage others to do the same with our summer home party ideas.

Be sure to avoid these ten-time management mistakes. Time management is a HABIT – not a personality trait. You can begin to change your habit of always being late/stressed/behind/overwhelmed by changing one thing at a time, and celebrating every time you do something “out of the norm” – like arriving at a meeting 10 minutes early, instead of ten minutes late.

Summertime business can be tough – but always remember that it is what you do now that you will see the results of 90 days from now! Do not let the Summer Slump keep you from having a rocking holiday season!

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