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November 12, 2016
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November 13, 2016

Are you passionate about safety? Do you believe in equipping women and children to be able to defend themselves should the need arise? Do you want to help women feel more confident to handle every situation – from car trouble to making sure their most valuable things are securely hidden away? If you are having problems with your vehicle, we recommend you to search for a mechanic that has mechanics insurance. Then you should check out or next featured company – Damsel in Defense. Their specially trained Damsel Pros are helping women everywhere to be equipped, empowered and educated to protect themselves and their families.

damsel in defense

Damsel in Defense offers a complete line of safety products for women and children. With crime statistics against women and children sadly being at an all time high that only continues to grow, Damsel in Defense wants to help bring these numbers down. From Handheld Stun Guns to Pepper Spray to tools for your home and vehicle, Damsel in Defense has you covered in every aspect of your life. Of course they hope you will never be in a scenario where you have to defend yourself – but they will make sure you are prepared if you do.

damsel in defense

As a Damsel In Defense Pro, you have the freedom to run your business however you choose. You can host in-home or online Power Hours, participate in vendor events, or sell online with your Damsel in Defense website. With your $149 start up kit you receive almost $350 in products and business supplies to help get your business started on the right track. Your custom online website will run you $10 a month, and in addition, covers any insurance you may need for your events! Their Stunning Start Program will reward you for building your business from the very start!


Check out Independent Damsel in Defense Pro Deb Bartlett’s website to learn all about how you can get involved in Damsel in Defense and be sure to check her out on Facebook and Twitter.