Build a Business Blog – Basic Photography

Writing is a huge aspect of a successful blog – but having great photos is equally as important. We live in a visual world and act on images that catch our eye.

In this training, we will be talking about basic photography strategies for amazing pictures without expensive equipment or complicated photo editing software.

In fact, this entire training is all about using your smartphone!

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Whether you are Team iPhone, Team Android, Team Windows or Team Google – chances are if you have a smartphone, it has an amazing camera that will let you take remarkable photos right from your device.

Turn On Gridlines

From your camera settings, you can turn on the photo grid to help you line up each shot you take. Gridlines will help to make sure you have straight lines and can center and or offset your images. Gridlines will chart off your view with nine squares to help you balance each photo.

The Rule of Thirds

The gridlines are the best tool for helping you to achieve the “rule of thirds” which has been shown to make images more aesthetically appealing. By setting up shots where the main subject is centered at one of the intersecting gridlines, you pull the eye directly to that subject.

Depth of Field & Portrait Mode

Depth of Field is another photography term that can enhance your photos with just a few small tweaks. Depth of field is defined as “the distance between the nearest and the furthest objects that give an image judged to be in focus in a camera.”

When taking a photo of your subject, make sure that your subject is on a gridline, but also that the background of your image is not detracting from the subject.

If you are familiar with using “portrait mode” you may have been prompted to move closer or further away from your subject – this is for the depth of field to make sure the subject is in focus while gently blurring the background.

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Watch The Background

Speaking of background – even if you have the background blurred, make sure that nothing is distracting in your shot that may take away from the subject.

If possible, clear a designated space in your home or office for product photos.

If taking a candid shot in your home – make sure you do not have clothes on the floor or paper strewn about. While you want to show your “real life” you also want to make sure that people are focusing on the subject, and not your background.

Lighting Makes All The Difference

Lighting can make or break your shot – and even though you can adjust the aperture and settings on your smartphone, nothing can beat good natural lighting.

Indirect sunlight is best, and you can make a great indoor photography set up with the help of super inexpensive foam boards in a window.

All of my photos are taken right in this window –


  1. Turn on your smartphone camera gridlines.
  2. Go around your house taking photos of items using the “rule of thirds.”
  3. If possible, set up a “photo station” in a window to capture natural lighting.
  4. Share your photos in the PartyPlanDivas Community.

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