Secrets to UpSelling Success!

Upselling Success is one of the easiest – yet overlooked – ways to increase your income significantly in your Home Party Plan Business.

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The term “upselling” means simply to add additional products or services to a sure sale. The best part of upselling is that it is practically effortless since the customer is already committed to the initial sale.

By presenting additional “add on” type products in a relaxed, no pressure way, you will increase the sale – and your income – quickly and easily. Here are the most important keys to Upselling success:

1. Know your Products – The more you know about your products, the more you are to recommend products which will compliment each other.

If you sell skin care for instance, a cleanser and moisturizer would be complemented by a toner or a daytime product can be complemented with a night time product.

In jewelry, a necklace and bracelet purchase might be complemented by earrings. With handbags, an add-on might be a wallet or change purse. The list goes on and on.

2. Know your Customer – The more you know about her, the more you will know the products she would benefit from or be interested in.

People have a tendency to “tell on themselves” the more they talk! This is a GOOD thing! Encourage conversations and continue to ask questions to learn more about your customers wants and needs.

3. Be specific and tell her WHY she needs it – Simply saying, “Can I get you anything else” is most likely NOT going to get you an additional sale.

However, specific questions “would you like a toner to go with that to complete the set?” or “This is a great product for daytime, and our nighttime product will help even while you sleep – would you like to get both?” will help your customer understand why she needs -and ultimately wants – the additional product.

4. Assume the customer already wants it – When offering an additional “add-on” type product, always assume the customer already wants it, similar to “Do you want fries with that?”

Because most Upsells are complimentary of the first item, it is somewhat of a “no-brainer” that she would want the additional items as well.

5. Focus on the Customer’s needs, not yours – As much I am sure you want the sale, remember that ALL sales are more about taking care of the customer’s needs than your own.

Do not try to sell a customer something you yourself would not want to have, or something that in reality, they do not NEED.

Upselling success is an important part of customer care. You want every customer to be happy with their purchase.

Always sell with integrity – that will give you a lasting relationship with your customer – resulting in more sales over time.

The biggest mistake in Upselling is simply making no attempt for the sale. As a business owner, it is up to you to ask for the sale.

Make asking for an Upsell part of the sales process – like second nature. Get the McDonald’s Mentality and always think “Do you want fries with that!?”

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