Business Building Tools for Direct Sellers

Business is easy when you have the right tools. Talk to any carpenter, plumber, electrician, etc and they will tell you how important having the correct “Tools for the Job” will make work run more smoothly. The Party Plan Business is no exception to this rule.

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Today we are going to talk about the Tools needed for your business to run more smoothly. Separately these tools are great, but using them TOGETHER is what will truly make the difference.

Email Address 

It is a good idea to set up a new email address specifically for your business. There are many free email services available. You want an email address that is easy to remember, and that tells a bit about your business.

I recommend gmail by Google because of the “filing system” style organization. Gmail keeps conversations together in groups like a filing cabinet – very easy to keep up with past conversations with Hostesses, Recruits, etc.


Whether using a landline phone or a cell phone, your voicemail is your best friend.

Make sure you mention your business your voicemail even if you are using your personal cell phone.

For one, it lets the caller know she has reached the right person. And two, if someone is calling for ANOTHER reason, it may peak her interest about your business as well.

A simple “Hello, you have reached Lynsey with Party Plan Divas! Sorry, I missed your call. Please leave me your name and number and I will get back to you. Thank you.” Is all you need. 

Please do not have your children on your voicemail – especially if you are in the adult party plan industry.

And speaking of children, do not let your children answer your business phone – it is not professional, and you will probably never receive the message that someone called.

Remember, you are a business owner give your business the respect it deserves. Also, be careful of your “ringback tone” and what message it gives.

Mobile Office

Keeping a Mobile Office in your vehicle is a must-have. In this Office, you will keep everything you need to book parties, make contacts, recruit, etc.

Do not over think this – you want this to be easy, organized, and portable. If you fill it too full, you will never carry it around.

Your Mobile Office can mention in a portable file box that can be purchased from any office supply store.

Many have a place for pens and accessories right on the top! That is very convenient so you are never searching for a pen.

Make sure that everything in your Mobile Office has your name on it – you never know when you will quickly need to grab a catalog to give to a waitress or someone in a parking lot who sees your car signs.

Having it readily available, with your information, and in good shape (no tattered edges or creases) is another way to make a great first impression.

Be sure to keep your Mobile Office stocked and ready at all times!

See full details on creating a Mobile Office here.


A Website with a shopping cart can bring in consistent revenue with little work on your part.

If your company provides a replicating website, that is terrific.  Consider also starting a blog in order to help your SEO and Customer Care. 

Ready to start a blog? Sign up for our FREE 30 Days To Build a Business Blog eCourse!

A Great Planner

The reason I created this planner was to work for your business to keep your organized and all in one place.

Each month you can log in where you are going to GARDEN, set your target GOALS for the month, RECAP your month to see how you are progressing and has nice large date squares to write in all of your party information.

The Diva Success System Planner also includes:

  • Order Forms – when you get the call to order in the middle of the day
  • Hostess/Party Pages – so you can do your Hostess Coaching while on the go. It also has where you can track the Hostess’s Parties to show her just how much MONEY she has made you, which is a huge recruiting tool
  • New Consultant Profiles for you to keep your new team members information handy, as well as a log to organize your recognition
  • Goals Pages for setting both long term and short terms goals. Also a place for dreaming and taking notes and ideas
  • and more!

See the video on the Diva Success System Planner and order one here.

Social Media Sites

Speaking of Social Media, you want to set up all of your social media accounts right away, using your Business Name you created with your Branding in mind.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest are incredible resources to help grow your business and online presence.

Learn more about Social Media and how to effectively manage it with good time management in the Social Media Strategies Library.

Business Checking Account

There are many perks to having a Business Account. Check with your banks to compare account options.

Some banks require a business license for a business account, where some will open a “DBA” account where you can still put your business name on the checks.

You want a separate account from your personal accounts for tax reasons and organization.

Office Supplies

Whether you have an entire room to dedicate to your business or just the corner of the living room, there are some important business building tools that will help make your business run more smoothly.

Party Presentation Supplies

Think about your Party Presentation and all of the tools you need to help it run smoothly. 

  • Calculator, money box, pens
  • Direct Sales Party Games Supplies
  • Table, tablecloth, risers, decorations
  • Demo case – Suitcases, baskets, tool boxes, and hat boxes are great ways to carry your presentation items. Choose which one works best for you based on your product. Make sure it is pretty, organized and CLEAN!
  • Lapboards

Office Hours

And last but certainly not least, make sure you have a schedule for your business! Knowing when you are going to work is going to help your business tremendously.

As a new consultant or struggling consultant, you tend to be at the mercy of the Hostesses for the times and days you will work.

Start now by instilling business hours!! Put it on your Business Voicemail. Include it in your email signature.

Read more about How To Implement Office Hours When You Work At Home. 

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